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Baby ferns are uncurling in the roadside ditches. The sun has touched the tops of the rapeseed with gold, they're glinting at the top. The rapeseed, after a mere two weeks, is already waist-high and blooming. With the rape and the dandelions, and the daffodils still gamely hanging in there, the world is highlighted yellow everywhere you look. Up the long empty slope of Odarslövsvägen a novice learns how to drive a motorcycle, his instructor standing hands on hips, watching as he rockets slowly away.

Marda loved the design for her flyers and we're getting together soon, probably tonight, so she can decide which of the two business card designs I did is the one she wants. She called them fantastic. :)

Besides photographing my kids in the dandies and playing with my journal the only thing I accomplished yesterday was a load of laundry. Tomorrow Karin is performing in her daycare cabaret (as a dog) and Friday I'm going out with the girls to see Mona Lisa's Smile and have dinner in Lund. Saturday is Anders' birthday and his whole family is coming over for dinner so at some point, cleaning the house might be a good idea. I also need to get his birthday present bought and wrapped...

The userpic is for purrthecat. A choice of 15 userpics with a paid account is overwhelming! One for every mood! (because I only have 15 moods, I'm pretty sure, even if you count peachy and ducky) I spent quite a long time yesterday messing about with my journal customization. I still have a couple of things to play with, but I'm quite happy with the results so far.

Song on Request From The Kids This Morning: On Top of Spaghetti

Things I Really Like Doing Even Though I Should Also Feel Guilty About Them: giggling to see how big my children's eyes get when I burp out loud, swearing, sleeping in.
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