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After the bath, while I'm brushing his hair:
Liz: (brushing Martin's wet bangs straight up) There! Go check that out!
Martin: (goes to look in mirror, comes back rolling eyes at me)
Farmor: Vilken tuffing!*
Martin: (makes another face) Jag vill inte vara en tuffing, jag vill vara en snygging*
Me: (laughing too hard to brush)

A Real Looker!

The Cabaret went off like a charm, with the kids dressed up and dancing, and singing various ditties. Karin was a dog (geez! I just typed god twice!) singing Hundra Hundar Går På Promenad** and waving her tail and lifting her leg and sniffing and barking. Farmor came up and we all walked over to the dagis together, and while Karin was in makeup, the rest of us scored benches to sit on. She and two other "dogs" wore the fuzzy fake-fur ponchos that I made when we were the 3 Billy Goats Gruff for Halloween 2 years ago. :)

Star of the Show

The lovely, lovely pre-summer weather continues and tomorrow my department is heading out for lunch and then softball in Lund's City Park. Although since there are just 6 of us, I'm not sure how Jeff thinks we're actually going to play anything. I looked half-heartedly for my old softball glove but have absolutely no clue where it's disappeared to. I haven't used the thing in YEARS, so it's not surprising I can't find it. I've already informed him that I won't be doing any running, although if they have a good wooden bat, I bet I can surprise the hell out of them. >:)

After we get back, I'm going to stay at the office and work on a freelance job I picked up last week, designing jam jar labels! And then it's into Lund to buy Anders' birthday present and finally, dinner and a movie with some girlfriends.

*Farmor: What a tough guy! Martin: I don't want to be a tough guy, I want to be a handsome guy!
**One Hundred Dogs Go For A Walk
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