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The courtyard of the school looks like a ticker tape parade hit it, but it turns out it's the cherry blossoms blown asunder by the wind. Skåne is windy, as usual, and the trees are winking silver and green, silver and green. The tulips and daffodils are bleached of color and bowing under their own weight, and the dandelions are closed up tight waiting for the sun. It's a 3-pheasant day, must be a lucky one. 3 proud (but stupid) gentlemen pheasants ambling in various places along the edges of the road, the grove, the fields. 1 of them struts oblivious across the road as cars brake and wait.

Busy busy day at work (and out of it)

Oh, So True! Toddlers Are Less Fun When They're Sick

Why the HELL Can't We Control Ourselves? Great Apes Facing Extinction

My dislike of work is ratcheting notch by notch up into actual hate. :(
mood: working
music: No Doubt—Don't Speak


You NEARLY fooled me with that icon, hehehe! Take out some of your aggressions, try to run over one of the pheasants (they're great with a raspberry sauce, so try not to actually flatten it!)

:) Thought I had everyone snowed, darn it. Hmm...pheasant under glass doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

*LAUGHS OUT LOUD* Thanks for pointing me to Finslippy. I had a look at the "Attention, public: mothers must be judged as much as possible. Here's how." It's priceless! :)


As for work, I wish I could wave a magic wand to make it fab for you. Hmmm...maybe you could play little games with yourself whilst getting it all done? Naaah, it's Friday. Why not just slack off? *giggle*

She's another excellent blogger, that's for sure. :) I sure need that magic wand! We just went out for "work fun" and I was such a shitty mood I just couldn't get into it. Then it started to rain and we walked around in the rain and then went bowling and then the others went to play pool (which I actually like) but by then I was so grumpy I thought it better to just get out of there, so I'm back at work for a couple of hours before I head into town to go shopping. sigh. I'm tired of MYSELF and my bad mood. :(

Well, you could always email ME your bad mood, and I'll return it to you on a better sunnier day. :)

Having to 'play' when you're not in the mood sucks total ass! :P I can relate. Best thing then is to be super sarcastic till you make yourself laugh... and laughing usually helps get rid of it.

*BIG HUGS and some 3 Musketeers just cuz*

MWAH! *smooches you soundly*


Ya flirty minx! ;)

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