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Something is seriously wrong with our VCR and we're thinking of having it put down. I've noticed it mostly with the American kid's videos, but apparently it happens with European ones as well, as we just tried to watch a rental tape (Two Weeks Notice*) and the screen flickered annoyingly through the majority of it. It only stopped when Anders sat on the floor in front of it and stuck his hand inside (petting it soothingly, I assume).

Maybe we should chuck it and buy a DVD, you say? Ummm...well, that would be a good idea except for the GAZILLION movies we have on videotape, some of which are watched weekly by the younger set in the house.

So, if the next time you see me, my eyes are uncontrollably jumping up and down, you'll know why.

It's been raining half the day which is putting a damper on Anders' plan to have the driveway done this weekend, since he couldn't level the sand. It's the nasty kind of downpour that gets everything thoroughly wet from every side and seems like it will never stop.

On the bright side however, barring continued sickness in our children, we are supposed to go see Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow AND the kids are sleeping over at Farmor & Farfar's. That's a tentative plan however, since Martin went to bed with Karin's fever, plus a sore throat and cough. Hers lasted only 1 day though, so keep your fingers crossed about his.

*The movie was okay but entirely too predictable. Hugh and Sandra play their usual parts on autopilot.
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Pirates! aaaargh!!

The idea of a pirate movie wants to make me puke and I was horrified to see Geoffrey Rush in it. But I've heard that it's really a lot of fun. I'd like to see it, but I guess it won't come to Nynäshamn. Another one for the video next year, I guess *sigh*

As for if the next time you see me, my eyes are uncontrollably jumping up and down, now Liz we can't blame the VCR, when we all know the real reason! Now isn't it time to take those 12 steps?

Pirates really was a lot of fun. I was suprised though. I mean, now they're making films from Disneyland rides? Come on! But Johnny Depp is a fun character, and I was amazed that I laughed all the way through. The fencing scene could have been filmed better, was too close the whole time. Bah! The Princess Bride had better fencing. :)

ooh how pretty! :) Marie, where DO you find all these great image links!?

Pirates is a fun movie to see. Different than you'd expect. But as for Marie's 12 step progam, I only see 6... or are they doubles?

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