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Yesterday was an all-around horrible day. I bailed out on work togetherness (bleah) after a couple of hours of trying to put on a smiley face, and later, after dinner with some friends where I felt increasingly uncomfortable and out-of-place*, we ended up not being able to see Mona Lisa's Smile as it turned out the movies changed yesterday at the theater and they hadn't posted the new ones on the website, so we had a choice between Secret Window and "Angelina Jolie playing an FBI agent" movie, whereupon the other 3 girls chose Angelina because the theme of the evening was Women Kicking Ass, but it turned out to be Taking Lives, an extremely gruesome serial killer hunt also starring Ethan Hawke, whom I LOATHE, and I walked out after half an hour. Yuck. :( Although reading this review by the Flick Filosopher made me feel better this morning.

Then I came home and had a breakdown and a fight with Anders and went to bed sulking and sad.

I feel much better today, though. Anders loved his birthday presents and we made up after a good talk.

The house is relatively clean, laundry is in, Anders is grocery shopping for lasagne and salad fixings (and birthday cake) and his family is all arriving around 6 for dinner.

Martin and Karin just watched James and the Giant Peach twice in a row (we're in the middle of reading the book at bedtime) and when Martin came to tell me so, I said, "I think that's enough for one day," and he proceeded to explain to me how when you're having fun time goes really fast, so even though they watched it twice and it's a long film, it seemed like it went fast because they like it so much. :)

And man, I just watched the trailer for Van Helsing online and WHY, OH WHY didn't I insist on going to see that instead?!

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to big_bubba!

Here's a Crochet Project For You, reebert! Crochet Skull

Why I LOVE the Internet: Turning the Pages**

More Reasons For Feeling Better: At the grocery store just now, Anders ran into Emily, one of the women I was out with at the movie last night, and she told him I had made the right decision to leave when I did, as the movie went from bad to worse.

*Dinner conversations about vibrators and shaving yourself just not being my style.
**Thanks for the link, inblackink!
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