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The atmosphere at work is so full of tension and weirdness that you could cut it with a knife. The head of our department is really angry over what happened on Friday (his planned outing not getting the positive reception he expected) and showing it. :( I had a long talk with another colleague about everything and she feels essentially the same as I do. Neither of us has any good ideas for solutions, however, beyond looking for new jobs.

Flyinge in Springtime: Scroll down for pictures

Interview with Madeleine L'Engle: I Dare You
A Wrinkle in Time has finally come to the screen, after 25 years. Anyone have a review?
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Oh my, soooooo pretty. I wanna move south!

C'mon down! :D

I like Madeleine L'Engle. She's got gumption! I wanna be like her when/if I get to be 85. :) (I also like her comments about Da Vinci Code, having just finished it.)

I'm sorry about work! He really needs to learn to not take these things personally! I'm sure no one was out to spite him!

Her and Ursula K Le Guin! :)

What is the yellow in those fields?

rapeseed :) They use it to make cooking oil.

madeleine l'engle is my favorite author, i'm going to have to see if my mother can tape it for me. i've been wishing they would make her books into movies for years (and do a decent job with it). "a ring of endless light" is my favorite.

your pictures are beautiful, btw

She's one of my all-time favorites, too! Those weren't my pictures, btw, but they're inspiring me to go out and take some around the village!

It's nice to know that it's not only you who feels the same way when things are going to hell in a handbasket. I'm sorry it's so tense. People who have sulks tend to help spread the tension. Hopefully, over this week, it will lessen.

*big hug*

It better lessen, or I'm calling in fed up the rest of the week. Thanks for the much-needed hugs!

Ahhh... A Wrinkle in Time. I was taking some community college classes that were given on a high school campus and I had a huge gap in my schedule. Some days I would actually go home or run errands during the gap, otherwise I would go peruse the library literature. I found this book, sat down and read it right through. I hadn't read it since elementary school. So good. So good.

Her books are great! Wrinkle in Time is a classic!

I've never read the book, but have always sort of wanted to. I don't know why I just haven't done it. The movie is showing on TV tonight, and we are planning on recording it (since it shows during my water aerobics time). I'll let you know what I think when and if I remember.

READ THE BOOK!! I've not read anything good about the mini-series and I don't want you put off the book by it! Don't watch it until you can read the book, it's a fast read!

I'll see if I can grab it at the school library today.

I felt very authoritative just then! :D

Ergh, I hate it when it's like that at work. But I know from reading backwards that you have an interview which is great ;)

And those photos are beautiful! I so wish I'd seen sweden when it was like that.

I'm watching A Wrinkle in Time right now and I can't really imagine how it could possibly be any worse. Bad acting, bad effects, just bad.

Some books should just stay books.

Poo! What a bummer! I had more hopes for it after seeing that Kate Nelligan and Alfre Woodard were in the cast.

The made for tv movie is on tonight, I am DVRing it. I will let you know how it is. I also wanted to tell you something else and I can't remember what it was, but I got you a B-day present at EPCOT and a really cool card, just something to look forward to! :?

Can't wait! You can send it to my mom if you want since I'll be in the States for my birthday :) I've heard bad things about the WiT movie, sadly.

I haven't watched it yet and I don't know when I will get to. I have your mom's address. Is there any chance I could stop by for a weekend kind of visit when you are in the states?

SURE!!! are you kidding?! of course! We'll be there from July 17 to August 16, and I'll be in Oregon from Aug 4-9 (approx). I might plan a birthday party for the weekend after my birthday, right before we leave.

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