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I have an interview in 2 weeks!!
mood: jubilant
music: Spice Girls—Viva Forever



Now, that HAS to have cheered you up! :) *happy dance*

It has, rather! :D

I'll hold my thumbs that you can find something that's a little less stressful and more enjoyable over-all.

And an office with windows!!! YAY! Go, you!

oooh nice :)

good luck!

Wow! Way to go!

Wow! Yay, Liz!


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!


Yayyyyy!!! Good luck to you!!!!

WOO-HOO!!! congrats!

Good for you!

Yay! What a pick me up that must be. *smile* I will cross fingers that all goes well.


Do well!

Hope you ace the case, or whatever you must do to change positions. Good luck.

I'll be crossing everything that's able to be crossed for luck for you!

Get Calle to take a picture of that, willya? :D

Way to go! We'll celebrate when you get here.... oops...too late, we've already opened the champers.

Good luck!

Hey congrats!! That's fantastic! Good luck.

Congratulations! Interviews can be such a really good thing!

Congrats. Good luck on the interview

Yippee! You had only just posted about you unhappiness at work, and voila! How are you going to wait two weeks for the interview? I'd be going nuts with the anticipation!

Actually, I've been waiting over 2 months for this company to get their act together and contact me. I sent all my materials back then and they were very excited but the guy I'm meeting with has been traveling like a maniac.

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