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I've never been drunk in my life. I've never really seen the need. But I'm drunk now...on Spring. It's intoxicating. You don't even have to ingest anything*, it just fills you up with joy automatically. I've started going for a power walk each evening after I put the kids in bed and Karin is safely asleep. It's so light out, even at 8:30 that it feels like late, late afternoon, even though the sun is streaking orange and pink behind the trees. One allé is lined with tall wild pear trees. Their branches are stretched and curled and covered with white cup-shaped square-petaled blossoms. Along with the spirea which is blooming everywhere it almost looks as though it has snowed. Judging by the amount of flowers on the pear trees, there'll be a bumper crop come fall. The problem is they're so tall that you need a ladder to reach the fruit. Everything is green and full, the trees have pulled their screen across the woods and gardens are stuffed to the brim with growing things.

I'm only walking for half an hour so far but I come back to the house with my head stuffed full of beauty and more energy than I left with. I've made a promise to myself and I'm determined to keep it. Once started, NO STOPPING.

Things Martin Has Asked Me Recently: Whether it's true that touching toads gives you warts, whether warts are dangerous, how you can get warts if touching toads doesn't do it, whether pet is a werb or a noun (took me a while to realize he meant VERB :)

Link I'll Provide When People Ask Me Why I Don't Drink: Eat the Worm

More Reasons I'm Glad I Didn't Turn My English Degree Into A Teaching Job: I Wish My Dog HAD Eaten It bwa hahaha!

*well, except for the DAMN POLLEN

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