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Being a daughter who loves her mother, I always send my mom flowers for Mother's Day. Despite it being a clichéd thing to do, I know she loves flowers and I know she loves GETTING them, and I know I love getting them and I even like GIVING them, so it's a win-win situation all around. Since I'm living in Sweden, I use the internet to order flowers and other goodies, and since a few years back I've been using to order flowers for my mom.

This year, I was ready. I placed my order 2 weeks in advance, prompted by an email reminder from the site tempting me with a special offer that if I had Mother's Day flowers delivered EARLY I could get a discount. BUT. I don't think getting flowers a week before Mother's Day and then NOTHING on the day itself has quite the same punch, so I chose to bypass the discount and have the flowers delivered as close as possible to the actual date as I could, the actual date being a Sunday when nothing can be delivered in the boonies where mom lives. They were to be delivered on the Thursday before Mother's Day, a comfortable margin, I thought.

They never arrived. On Mother's Day when I talked to my mom, she didn't say anything about the flowers, so after an awkward fumbling on my part, I finally asked her if they'd come. Nope, they hadn't. Thankfully, I hadn't deleted the "Order Confirmation" email I had received so I pulled it up and there was a handy link to the UPS shipping site so I could track the flowers. They left Equador (Equador!? Why didn't they just use the nearest florist in Port Huron? Was Mercury on vacation or something?) on May 4th. From there, they entered customs in the U.S. via Miami, Florida on the 5th, flew up to Maumee, Ohio on the 6th and then for no apparent reason went to Philadelphia. A side trip to see the Liberty Bell, perhaps? Who knows. Two days later they were back in Maumee, Ohio, and two days after that, they spent the day circulating in Livonia, Michigan. Close, but no cigar.

I have to say I was surprised as I've ordered several times from this company, never with any problems.

The flowers finally made their bedraggled appearance on Monday, the day after Mother's Day, 5 days late and over a WEEK from when they originally left Equador. (EQUADOR?!) I promptly shot off an email to the website's customer service telling them of my disappointment and asking them if they intended to honor their "quality guarantee." This morning, I received an email, professionally apologizing for the problem and letting me know that 1) a new bouquet will be delivered this Thursday, 2) a 20% credit will be credited to my card within the next 4-7 business days, AND 3) a 20% gift certificate for the total amount of my order has been sent to me in the mail.

Customer service in the U.S. rocks! I'll be using their services again. :)

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What a journey. I hope they got frequent flyer points :)

While it is disappointing, I'm pleased to hear that the company were willing to make amends. I miss that sort of customer care here. It makes a nice change from the "och?" I've come to expect.

I got flowers last week, sent by a friend in New York. She used Petals Network and the service was excellent. My flowers were beautiful and fresh.

Getting flowers NEVER gets old :) How nice of your friend!

It was lovely! She sent them as a thankyou for all the work I do for her. It was so nice to feel appreciated. And they looked like THIS.

What a gorgeous bouquet, and even better that you got it as a "thank you" :)

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