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Work projects are heating up. Busy busy. Life is heating up, too. My schedule for the next two weeks just went ballistic.

today: post office, pharmacy errands
14th: concert at 3, back to work after to make up the time
15th: grocery shopping, dinner party for 10 at our house
16th: 2 concerts back-to-back
18th: work dinner
19th: Martin to doctor for checkup
20th-23rd: 4-day weekend to Kolmården and Nynäshamn to visit ozswede and tallefjant! woo hoo!
24th: massage
26th: interview, choir end-of-term dinner & party
27th: hair appointment, dinner with friends, book group
28th: Thai dinner with AWC
29th: trip to new gigantic mall outside Copenhagen
31st: AWC meeting
1st: 8th wedding anniversary

And then, oh my god, it's June already!

I just finished re-reading the first two Thursday Next novels by Jasper Fforde and started the new one, The Well of Lost Plots. So far, the first one was the best, and only the first time I read it. Now it struck me as a bit too aware of its own cleverness and cuteness, like a child beauty-pageant star. I'd still recommend the first one for anyone that hasn't read it yet, The Eyre Affair, but I'm not yet sure I'd recommend the 2 sequels. If the 3rd one finishes up with a bang, I might change my mind. After I'm done with that I fully intend to re-read a childhood favorite: The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Andrews Edwards (yes, THAT Julie Andrews). If you've never read it, or her other book Mandy, I suggest you stop whatever you're doing and get your butt on over to Amazon.

Big Happy Birthday Wishes to: redpirk!

Proof Of Commitment: 4 days of power-walking, and yesterday it was RAINING, but I did it anyway. Go, me!

I had a major revelation yesterday. You all will probably laugh at me, but it was really hard for me to admit. All my life (since I was around FIVE) I've been a rabid Coca-cola fan. Classic Coke is one of the few things I drink, and yeah yeah I know all about the bad stuff: the sugar, the fact that it can dissolve the rust off a rusty nail overnight, the caffeine addiction, whatever. I'm an addict and I've been kind of proud of it, I have to say. Better than many, many other things. Except that it's equal to about 20 pounds a year. Twenty pounds! A YEAR! sheesh. I just found that out not too long ago. After analyzing my eating style, Marda told me that simply by cutting out "inappropriate beverages" and not making ANY other changes, I could probably shed 37 pounds without even trying. *blink*

Of course, I AM making other changes. I'm power-walking a half hour each day now, for one. I'm watching what I eat and working on portion control. I've switched back to sugar-free Kool-Aid (damn the expense!) instead of Festis. (Forgive me, Festis, you were soooooo good). So, yesterday, in the spirit of TRYING, I opened one of the Coke Lights* I bought the other day and poured a glass over ice to have with my dinner. And damn me if it didn't taste EXACTLY LIKE COKE. *boggle*

When did that happen? Diet Coke used to taste bitter and nasty to me. They fixed the aftertaste! Or was I just wanting SO BAD for it to be okay, that I convinced myself there was no taste difference? Whatever. I don't really care. Bye bye 20 pounds. You're outta here!

*Sweden's version of Diet Coke
mood: working
music: Dire Straits—Skateaway


Good for you on the power walking and Coke Light drinking! You're more committed than I would be, were it raining and I was due to go out for a walk.

Your ballistic schedule (and it is ballistic!) reminded me to go look at the schedule of activities. But I have my own ballistic, if repetitive, schedule, so I couldn't sign up for much. Think you're really going to make the mall trip? I'm thinking about it, not that I need to do any more shopping, after London!

Yeah, and that schedule is ON TOP OF WORK. *oy*

Well, *laugh* the mall trip IS tentative, I have to admit. I don't really have the money to go wild in a mall, but I just wanted to go check it out, really. :) Anders gave me the hairy eyeball when I asked if he wanted to make a family day of it. haha

also, it was only sort of mist/piss/drizzle raining. If it had REALLY been coming down, I wouldn't have gone for the walk, most likely. BUT when that happens, I'm planning to make up for it by going for an hour the next time. :)

And hey, enjoy your Coke. Guess what, it _doesn't_ dissolve a rusty nail overnight. While Coca-cola does contain acids, (such as citric acid and phosphoric acid) which will eventually dissolve items such as teeth (given enough time), so do plenty of other substances we commonly ingest (such as orange juice). The concentration of acid in these products is so low that our digestive systems are easily capable of coping with it with no harm to us.

And we all have a drug of choice...mine's pretty much anything containing caffeine. :)

Doesn't it at least dissolve the RUST? I know it doesn't dissolve the whole nail. Is it all a MYTH?! *runs off to check Snopes*

LOL! Now I see where you got the info from! Oh well, another good story down the drain.

And if Diet Coke tastes the same as regular Coke, then I'll enjoy it just as much! It's more the "burn" and the caffeine that I'm hooked on anyway. :)

Once you try it, you'll never go back! I cannot even drink a regular Coke anymore, it's like brown liquified sugar!

mmmmmm sugar heeheehee

Wow, you addict you :) I would never sleep with that much caffeine. Good on you for getting all healthy. I don't know that diet coke has changed though, it still tastes the same to me, although I probably have it about once every two months :)

Well, it's never been much more than 1-2 a day, and I don't usually drink them late in the evening unless it's a weekend and I'm staying up late ANYWAY. :D But still, TWENTY pounds!!! That's 10 kilos!

Yay for you exercising! :) It's fun for me that others on my friends list are starting routines as well, it makes it feel like we're all doing it together.

I don't drink Coke. I've never really been addicted to any soda. I do like the Vanilla Coke, but they don't sell the diet kind here. Figures! hehe I can not believe that you drank Festis though! Ugh, ugh, ugh. I only had to try that stuff once and it was soooooo sweet that I couldn't finish it. hehe Maybe it was whatever flavor I chose though too. I'm pretty happy with the Fun Light drink stuff now. I think the guava is best. :)

I might have to try the Fun Light stuff after my Kool-Aid stash runs out. If you tried the Blue or Green Festis, then you're right, they're disgusting, but the Dandelion Apple, Dragonfruit Pear and Strawberry Grapefruit: YUM :) :)

I think the 20th to 23rd look like the best events on your calendar :) (maybe we could squeeze the event on the 24th in on that weekend as well....)

I like the Cola Lemon Light myself, but don't drink it often as caffeine and I are not good friends - I get a bit hypo on it (hard to imagine, I know...)

Blue Festis added to shopping list. The kids are going to LOVE me :)

I'm going to leave them with you!! XD


Good for you with losing the Coke and doing all the exercise. If it is anything there like it is here, key words would be cold and damp. You are to be commended.

Re: Congrats

:) thanks! I've only been working on it for a week, but I feel better already.

Hurray for the 24th. Enjoy the massage.

And I had tried making you give up that addiction about twenty million times with no avail. You never listen to me about anything! You're not the only one though. Kudos to you for your efforts and I'm there with you struggling to get back to a healthier, happier you. It's hard though, but we will get there, I have faith! I wish I could send you the picture of you I have in my mind from 1984 (muy caliente)

Poo! Even at my worst back then I didn't weigh what I do now, thanks to 2 pregnancies! The picture from 1984 would probably just depress me at the moment. Did you read my willow piece?

Good job power walking :)

Thanks! So far, so good. It's been a minimum of half an hour every night for a week and a half, and last night was 45 minutes. :)

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