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Juniper bushes are bearing waxy blue buds, bleeding hearts hang heavy on their bushes. Walking across the green clipped expanse of the park space hidden in the middle of Flyinge's neighborhoods, the sky looks immense. I almost feel I could flip upside down and float up into it. Gravity could stop working any minute. The pink blossoms of the cherry trees are snowing down with every breeze, and drifting in piles against the edges of paths and curbs. The lilacs are bursting among their isoceles-shaped droopy leaves in every nuance from white to lavender to royal purple. Spirea smells like what I imagine powdered sugar would smell like if it smelled like anything. The air carries noise so well in the early evening that I can hear the shouts of the spectators watching a soccer game halfway across the village like it's right next to me.

When I got back from my walk, Anders asked me where I go each evening. I don't choose a path, I just set out. My only goal is to make it a different loop and it has to be at least half an hour. I've gone north into the fields, and south into the village. Sometimes I walk down the snail trail under the noisy crow village in the treetops and sometimes I stride past the homes and gardens, picking up ideas for our own landscaping plans. I have yet to walk all the way to the ostrich farm, but it's only been 5 days. :)

Someone at work has been essentially picking a fight with me because she apparently thinks I'm a bitch for leaving early from the work thing on Friday. I'm upset about it, but not sure what to do either. She hasn't been in the office for most of the week and has been increasingly rude to me via email, so I haven't been able to confront her in person, but I'm not 100% sure I want to either, as I have no intention of apologizing for leaving on Friday and I find her attitude to be childish in the extreme. She's also going through some major personal troubles at home and I'm sure that is partly what's coloring her perspective. *sigh* Why can't people keep in mind that 1) you can't assume tone from written words in email and 2) everyone is human, and therefore, not perfect?

I'm leaving work at 2 to drive into Malmö for our concert at the Diagnostic Center at the hospital. It's a wonderful space to sing in and I'm looking forward to it. We have 2 concerts left on Sunday and a party on the 26th and then choir is over until the end of August, what a bummer! After the concert I'm coming back to work late (on Friday evening, oh the humanity!) because we have a major print piece due on Tuesday and I really can't afford otherwise to be gone for 3 hours.

As Usual, RLP Gets to the Heart of the Matter: To Care or Not to Care, an excellent essay on the schizophrenia of blogging

Stunning, Just Stunning: Their Circular Life (wait for each image to load then drag the triangle pointer around the circle. Make sure you have your speakers on.)
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Wow, I can't believe you've got that many flowers blooming down your way! The trees are just starting to bud here.

Oh, did you see my post on the MM message board ... just a bit more work for you, if you can squeeze it in! ;)

I hadn't looked at it yet today, I'll go check now. :)

WOW, Bev. What a lovely story. I'm glad you got it in under the wire. :)

Don't you just HATE it when people don't even have the cojones to look you in the face when they're angry with you or have a problem, but just e-mail? Or worse, tell somebody else, but never tell you? And half the time, it's not worth the energy somebody is expending anyway.

It makes my blood boil actually. I went home feeling so angry and upset yesterday. Argh.

Thanks for sharing the RLP link. I enjoyed reading that.

Kudos on keeping up the walking. It seems to be doing you good. :) *big hug*

Also, you know your mantra 'choose your battles'- I think it applies to Miss 'Being Arsey', don't you? Just be civil. If she has a problem with you, let it stay her problem. :) Maybe when she comes into the office, you can help her get over it then. (As you said, I think it does sound like her personal things are making the other issue bigger than it should be. Or, it could be that she was looking forward to your company at the works do? *shrugs* Matters not.) Best of luck with that. :)

Maybe I should just take a hit out on her. :P

Just act superior! :) That's what I do. ;) And people at work either love, fear or hate me. But if they hate me, they never let on! *giggle* Cuz they fear me too much! *HEEHEE*

Want me to come 'have words' with her? *looks all butch*

*giggle* if that's the only way I can get you here, then yes, please!

LOVED the "Their Circular Life" link. You were right - simply stunning!

I'm sorry you are having Ms Passive-Aggressive-Who-Me? on your arse. It can be really wearing. I hate it when they snitch and grumble but never confront what's bugging them. What a weirdo and what a no-win situation for you. A sort of damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't scenario. I think totte needs to help devise a suitable way to deal with it. He has such inventive ideas.

everyone is human, and therefore, not perfect Errr... you were of course forgetting me!

YOU'RE not human, Marie! :P You're superhuman! :D

Excellent idea re <lj user="totte> I'll get him right on that after he unpacks. Bet he can come up with some good ideas involving packing tape and boxes. >:)

It sounds like a beautiful springtime! You are a few weeks behind us here in Oregon. I just returned from LA, where the jacaranda trees are in full bloom. WOW. Violet flames lining the streets. And the jasmine on the breeze. UUM.

Sorry you have Miss Bitch to deal with. When it gets to you, just imagine her in some humiliating circumstance (not to bring it on of course, just to move your own emotions from stressed to possibly laughter)... like finding (I can't believe I'm saying this, and in print, but here goes) boogers in the sandwich that she has already eaten half of. You know, something ridiculous that one of our four years olds might imagine as funny. Thank you so much for the link to Real

Live Preacher. What a jewel.

I saw what I think was wisteria today, handing in wide strips down the side of a building: purple and gorgeous! I have to go find out what some of the plants-bushes-flowers are that I see around here.

RLP is great!! :) He's got a book coming out too, by the way.

age of wisteria

Wisteria is soooo great. Mildly fragrant. It's mostly done here now, in it's glory a couple of weeks ago.
Last week after sighting and smelling some beautiful samples of the last vestiges I went around singing " is the dawning of the age of wisteria, age of wisteria,..wisteria..etc" to the tune of 'Age of Aquarius... silly. I know, but inspired.

Keep me posted about RLP's book.

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