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The new issue of Mosaic Minds is up with all content, except for the first page, since our webwoman is in the middle of moving and there was a bit of a kerfluffle with passwords. Otherwise, I think this was the smoothest issue so far, and I'm quite pleased with it. I submitted my story, The Amusements Are Waiting, and wrote a poem, called Robin Confesses, which I'm extremely happy about since it's the first time I've sat down and written a poem in AGES. Plus, my sister has an excellent poem, about our Great Grandma Beebe, in this issue with a lovely little illustration by the talented Kate Hamilton, as well. Yay, Sarah!

Got up at a decent hour today and started the tedious process of getting the house in shape to receive guests today. Anders finished painting the trapdoor to the attic and putting the trim around it. He also put the trim under the kitchen cabinets and is slowly working through the list of little things that still need to be done. I've got 2 loads of laundry done, dishes put away (will it NEVER end?), the entire kid's department picked up, the entire house vacuumed, both toilets cleaned, the well under the bathtub cleaned (ICK) and the kids fed lunch. I still have to windex and finish up the bathroom. Anders is grocery shopping for the following menu:

marinated, spice-rubbed pork steaks with homemade BBQ sauce
grilled vegetable kebabs
baked clove potatoes with olive oil and thyme
raspberry (or blueberry!) & white chocolate pillows

We have 2 families coming over tonight, both have 2 older boys, and I suspect that the Eurovision Song Contest will be on after dinner :) Go Sweden!

In other news, happy wedding day to inblackink and Sara,* and my best friend Becky took the plunge and said yes to the wedding proposal of her long-time boyfriend, Pete! Hooray for all concerned!

*different weddings, same day :)

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