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Tired. Wiped out. Exhausted. Drained. Sleepy. Fatigued. Zoning. Driving with half-lights.*

That's me after this long long long busy busy busy day. Too busy to surf the web, too busy to post in my journal, too busy to do anything but all the million things that need to be done. Our giant print piece is nearly ready to go to the printer tomorrow and I'll be SO GLAD when it's gone. Final changes and final proofreading in the morning and then it's off my desk and (nearly) out of my hands for this round.

My Day: up shower dress, get kids ready, drop kids off, drive to car service, pick up Anders**, drive to work, work like a maniac, get picked up by Anders, drive to car service, pick up car, drive back to work, work like a maniac until nearly SEVEN, pick up milk, home eat dinner put kids to bed, fill and run dishwasher, go for walk, answer emails, fix a FAWCO problem, post on LJ, collapse. Tomorrow? More of the same and a work dinner to boot.

Too Damn Funny For Words: If Star Wars Had Been Made in Glasgow

*a literal translation of a Swedish saying: att köra med halvljus

**Anders' day? up shower dress, feed dress kids, drive to car service, drop Liz off, drive to work, work like a maniac, pick Liz up, drive to car service, pick up car, pick up kids, drive home change Karin grab library books, take Karin to soccer practice, drop off overdue books at library, home feed kids dinner, put kids to bed, nap***, work on motorcycle

***YES, there was a nap in there! NO FAIR!!
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