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One thing I really hate when reading is getting to the end of a book only to discover that the author has chosen not to bring the story to an end, but rather to continue it in a new volume. Which I don't have. Which probably isn't even published yet. Or if it is, is only available in an expensive hardcover version. It's most aggravating when it seems that the only reason the author (or the publishing house) made the decision to do so was based solely on the desire to sell more books. I once threw an Anne Rice book across the room for this violation of courtesy, and have not willingly read any of her books since.

Now, mind you, I love trilogies (and quadrilogies and giant numerous series), so it's not that. It's more that I think a book should be at least somewhat complete in itself, and that it should have SOME SORT of satisfactory conclusion even if it leaves you wanting 1) more and 2) to know what happens AFTER.

I finished reading The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde last night, after what seemed forever, and was extremely disappointed. He seems to have become consumed with his cleverness and forgotten that he has a story to tell. Absolutely no advancement to the story was made from where it left off at the end of the 2nd book through to the end of this, the 3rd installment, and I'm left wondering if I should bother with the next one, whenever it should come out. I should, perhaps, have guessed by the title what was in store for me. Bah.

I'm waiting for final, final changes on my catalog at work so that I can do the absolute final proof-reading before I drive it to the printer and turn it over to them to make real and beautiful. I can't just email the piece because the Quark file alone is 30 MB. It's the biggest print piece I've ever designed and been responsible for, 34 pages including the cover, and I've gotten quite a bit of compliments on the layout, so I'm very pleased that it has turned out so well with such short deadlines. Within the next 3 weeks I have a 4-page newsletter, a 2-page product brief, an email newsletter and 5 presentations to deal with, among other things. And 2 of the weeks are short ones, because of Swedish bank holidays (Ascension Day and the Day After Pentecost).

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(thanks to The Zero Boss for the link)

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