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You know how when you've been corresponding with someone and then you meet them and they're just really weird and you can't wait to get away?* I'm happy to report that that was NOT the case this weekend. :) We had a super time with ozswede and tallefjant who could not have been more gracious hosts if they'd tucked us into bed personally each night. They gave up their apartment to us and slept on their boat for 2 nights, they fed us royally, they took us out sailing in the beautiful waters of the archipelago and they were every bit as charming, funny and interesting as they are online. :)

We got up to Kolmården campground at 4 p.m. on Friday and went straight to the Tropicarium after dropping our baggage in our tiny stuga. The next day we did the entire zoo starting with the safari park. Martin was extremely upset that the "Squirrel Path" had been dismantled since last year but after he got over that the kids had a wonderful time and we saw the dolphin show, the new elephants and pretty much every animal in the park except the wolves who were all hiding. Friday evening we landed in Nynäshamn at 6 p.m. on the dot and enjoyed a lovely dinner and a walk down to visit the boat in the harbor with Marie and L-G.

Saturday we set sail and after we got out of the harbor, L-G gave Anders the tiller and pretty much left him in charge of steering the boat nearly all the way to Lacka, the lovely little rocky tree-covered island where we stopped for the lunch. The sun shone nearly the whole way there, but the clouds began rolling in and it was starting to rain a bit right after we tied up. (I'd throw in lots of nautical terms in an attempt to 1) sound more authentic and 2) show off everything I learned this weekend but I'm sure that ozswede would laugh at me and then take me down a peg or two).

We made the excellent, as it turned out, decision to carry the picnic duffels up to the clubhouse as the skies opened just as we got there and it POURED for the next couple of hours. We were treated to thunder and even HAIL. In fact, the ground was white with it at one point. We sat snug in the big salon and ate a delicious feast and watched the other poor boats out on the water through the rain-streaked windows. Finally, we decided that it wasn't going to let up and let us play on the beach and explore the rest of the island so we conceded defeat and hightailed it back to the boat, where the 2 sailors quickly put things to rights with a tent up over the outside seating area while we landlubbers tried to stay out of the way. As we motored back into Nynäshamn, the sun came out again and we docked to sunshine and blue skies. :)

After dinner, L-G took us on a tour of the beautiful coastal parklands along Strandvägen. where there were some magnificent homes and views over the water that made me want to stop the car and stay there forever. We had a wonderful time all around and were hard put not to kidnap the lovely Lambi who made a big impression on both the kids. :)

Unfortunately, our camera died on the first day, but tallefjant took lots of pics once we got to Nynäshamn and ozswede just sent them to me, and here is

All around, a super mini-vacation!

See More Great Pics and Hear the OTHER SIDE of the story: All Hail, Queen Elizabeth

*Actually, this has never happened. :)
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Yeah for having a wonderful time!

What a perfect way to spend the weekend...just beautiful.
In this picture Martin looks a little uncomfortable in his life jacket though! (*wink*)

:) He actually insisted upon having it on, that picture was taken as we were coming back into the harbor, and we had the sun in our eyes. :)

Sounds like a fantastic get away! Glad to see everyone had their sea legs on, especially you.:)

Can you believe I forgot the seasickness tablets?! I was fine, though, although I didn't go down in the cabin hardly at all. Stayed up on deck in the fresh air. It helped that the boat was so smooth. The only person that felt queasy was, surprisingly, Karin, as Martin is the one that's inherited my stomach.

Glad to hear that a good time was had by one and all. Missed your postings.

This meeting online friends sounds interesting. Have you done much of it?

I've met 2 of my LJ friends who also live in Sweden, one briefly, and one came down to visit me and another LJ friend (who I knew in person before LJ) for a weekend. That's it so far. There are a couple of people on my Friends list that I know in real life, but the majority live far away, so it was really fun to meet someone that I've been getting to know online!

I meant to say that I met 2 friends BEFORE this weekend. Now I'm up to 4. :)

I'm glad you all had fun! The kids look SOOO cute in their rainy weather gear!

It is taking me forever to get around to reading (while sneaking peeks at the Giro d'Italia)!

We're so pleased that you did come and as I said you were the easiest guests to have over. Next time we'll have to head south and try out that Ducati...

You'd be MOST welcome! :) We don't have anything as exciting as a boat, though :)

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