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Signpost We Passed on the Road that Made Me Laugh Out Loud: Nibble (arrow pointing left) and Gryt (arrow pointing right)

This week is a bit of a crazy one, and I'm not at all sure how much computer time I'll have. Tonight and tomorrow are the only nights I'm at home and I really have to get the AWC website and newsletter finished, since I'm only about a third of the way done and they are due next week. Aagh! Plus grocery shopping must be done ASAP.

I finished two books during the long weekend and can highly recommend them both. Jennifer Government by Max Barry was a delightful romp, if a bit simplistic, through a future world where corporations and brand names rule everything. ozswede and courtesy will no doubt be outraged to find that Australia has become part of corporate America in the book. :D

The second book was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, which I picked up on verian's recommendation. It was excellent, and reminded me a bit of Elizabeth Moon's The Speed of Dark, which also has an autistic protagonist. I did predict some of the major plot turns in the book but the writing was so refreshing that I didn't mind.

My monitor keeps freaking out and making with the white horizontal line freaky dance. I thought it was because I was pressing on the mousetrapper but now I'm not so sure. It's a flat screen and I've never had one before so I'm not too familiar with its quirks.

Anyway, must work now. See ya later alligator, in awhile, crocodile!
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Speaking of books, I have that one I've been needing to get back to you for several weeks now.

you do? I thought you gave me back everything.

I did, but then I borrowed that Penman book from you, so I'll need to get it back to you. If you're coming to Thai Night on Friday, I can bring it then.

As of right now, I'm planning on it!!! :)

Outraged?? Nauseous more like it... :)

I detect a hint of longing in your attitude.... :P

Damn it, you saw right through me!!! *stomp* :)

I thought Australia WAS part of corporate America already :) I saw you reading the second book and was quite intrigued by the title (so I Googled it after you left!). I'm reading a biography of Ella Fitzgerald at the moment whgich is very good.

I should have left it for you to read! DOH.

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