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Woke up on my own, with no outside interference, at 8:30 a.m., and promptly went back to sleep until 10. Ummmmmm *happy sigh* I used to be quite capable of spending the entire day (usually a Sunday) sleeping on and off like a cat, with brief interludes for reading or listening to music or maybe watching a bit of TV, or playing with the cats. You can tell this was a long time ago as I haven't had cats for 5 years :(

The kids spent the night in Oxie and will arrive sometime today after lunch. I'm being a complete lazy bum right up until then. :) We met up with a group of friends at Oliver's, a tapas restaurant in Malmö that neither Anders nor I had ever heard of much less been to, and it turned out to be a very good choice. Good food with a strong emphasis on garlic. Then we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean which was exactly as advertised: a fun summer movie. Johnny Depp was gloriously swishy and blazing-eyed and the obvious fun that they had in making the movie permeated the whole thing. Didn't get home until about 12:30 and didn't go to bed until around 1:00, thus giving a good excuse for a little sleep-in. :)

One friend of ours didn't want to go see the movie because "pirates are dirty," which I found hilarious, but it did have the effect of making me notice their outstanding unwashedness throughout the film. It seemed as if the camera kept lingering over filthy fingernails and greasy hair, but maybe it was just me.


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