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Welcome to the wind's ball. Among the ladies dressed in green, who stand and gently wave their arms, dancing in place is all the fashion. Everything is moving in the breeze. It rushes and wooshes quietly like ocean waves through the greenery. Blackbirds burble and trill unseen from above and crows squawk and yell in the distance. The hedges and trees rustle and tremble. A linden tree creaks, a beech hedge rattles at me as I walk by. A low stone wall is netted with tiny green crinkly leaves and miniature heartsease so small I had to stop and peer at them to be sure of what I was seeing. A fat bumblebee browses near a blue cloud of forget-me-nots and the pale green new fingertips of the evergreen bushes glow palely in the waning light. The birch trees hush me like leafy librarians. "Shush," they say ,"Shuuuuuusshhhh."

The Animals I Saw at the Zoo by Martin Ek, Age 6.5:
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You realize of course, that if you put Martin's pictures in the same post as your writing, everyone will comment on the pictures? Because who couldn't comment on those pictures? I do have a comment but about both. First, the squirrel is the best picture and the spitting, well...sister and brother is all I have to say. Your writing is so cool. I've decided that we should write something together, I know I have decided this before but now I've realized that no one else can write descriptions that I find interesting besides you. I love the bee browsing. We can draw on each others strengths in writing to create something wonderful. I know, you're too busy and you really don't think I'm a good writer, you just don't know how to tell me without crushing me. And please don't, because I love to live with my delusions of granduer.

I didn't think about it, but you're right! No one will notice my writing if I keep putting up kid stuff! Darn those kids! :P The squirrel picture actually has a giant acorn hanging below him which I didn't have room for (because of James & the Giant Peach). And why would you think that I think you're not a good writer?! And you're right as well that I'm too busy to take on another project (not to crush your dreams but). .. ;)

Now I like the squirrel picture even better! And I will try to go on with my crushed dreams but it won't be easy, I can tell you. ;)

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