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I found the aftertaste of the Diet Coke. It crawls in my mouth and dies there each evening. ICK. It's fine when I'm drinking it, I hardly notice any taste difference at all, but by evening my mouth tastes totally nasty and I have to go scrub with cool mint gel and even then I still taste it. Does anyone who has made the switch know if this goes away after awhile? I've only been drinking Diet Coke for 3 weeks.

The stress is lapping at my knees. It was down to my ankles after the weekend, but it's slowly rising again. Part of it is work being insanely busy, and part is my extracurricular schedule. I'm debating now about canceling a mall trip (a real mall! a BIG mall! You people in the States don't know how exciting this is) on Saturday because I'm out the next 3 nights. The thing is, I can't decide whether going to a mall just to look around will be too stressful because I can't really spend any money, and I'm sure there will be lots of temptations. But at the same time, it's with a bunch of women I like and I'll be "out with the girls" and malls are always fun and crud, I can't decide.

The AWC website is shaping up but I still have quite a bit to do, since I wasted spent too much time scanning Martin's drawings last night instead of working. After that, I REALLY need to get an update put together for the Ek Family Home Page which has been shamefully neglected.

I'm in the middle of a new Elizabeth Moon book, Trading in Danger, and having a hard time putting it down. Her protagonists are always so interesting and her stories rarely go in predictable paths.

Tonight's Bedtime Story: the classic fairy tale Toads and Diamonds which has always been one of my favorites. I have 4 volumes left from a childhood set of Children's Encyclopedias and one of them is full of fairytales and folktales. I was reminded tonight of another one I always enjoyed, One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes. When I Googled it, it came up as being a Scottish tale, a Ukrainian tale, AND one of the Brothers Grimm's stories. Now I'm really having trouble deciding which fairytale to talk about at book group on Thursday! There's also the one with the dogs with eyes as big as dinner plates, anyone else remember that one?

Tomorrow is my interview. I'm taking 2 giant notebooks full of the stuff I've done, but I haven't really done much mental preparation. I feel I'm going in from a position of power, so to speak, and I'm more interested in finding out if the company is right for ME than whether or not they think I'm right for them, because to be honest, I'm pretty confident that I'm exactly what they need in the way of a marketing person. So if he asks me what my weaknesses are, do you suppose answering "godlike confidence in my work abilities" would be putting it on too thick? >:D
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I'm weary of diet coke these days, Aspartame does bad things to me. I used to be keen on drinking it, but always noticed it left me feeling really hungry & with a headache.

Good luck on your interview!

I've been told to try Pepsi Light instead, so will give that a whirl. Thanks for the good luck wishes!

Try diet Pepsi- slightly sweeter but no aftertaste.

Don't forget to say hello and goodbye and thank you and such to the receptionists/secretaries when you go for your interviews. And write the thank you email for your interview.

I'll have to try it, even though I hate switching from my beloved Coca Cola! Here in Sweden it's called Pepsi Max, and I'm not sure it's exactly like the American version.

Thanks for the excellent advice :)

Break a leg on your interview!
DD just got a book from the UK with Grimm brother, Hans Christen Anderson and some new stories. They cleaned up the fairy tales so the step mother in Hansel and Gretel doesn't die and the woodsman in Red Riding Hood doesn't kill the wolf!

argh! that kind of thing makes me a little crazy! I don't see why people feel the need to clean and "nicen" up fairytales! That stuff is in there for a reason! Children can deal with most of it just fine.

I agree- if the story is a problem- don't read them the story.

Elizabeth Moon

My library has some of her books, so I'll be checking them out. Too bad, though, none on tape!I do so love my books on tape.

Re: Elizabeth Moon

Be warned: she's very military, and nearly all science fiction/fantasy.

Re: Elizabeth Moon

I like science fiction/fantasy. I'm reading a cool book now, historical fiction. Skystone, about the end of the Roman occupation of Britain. It's very military, too. I'm not opposed to military. At least I don't think I am. I'll check her out and see.

What does the ocd in daily ocd list mean?

Re: Elizabeth Moon

Oh good, because she's an excellent writer :) Very dashing and full of action.

ocd stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder :)


Why is the links list called the daily ocd list. I usually know that ocd means obsessive compulsive disorder, but do these people all have it? Or are you talking about your obsessive and compulsive need to visit them every day?

Re: Okaaaay....

You got it: my need to visit them every day! :D I'm a blog stalker! haha

Best of luck in your interview. Being confident is important, but coming off as a team player seems to be really important these days.

Especially here in Sweden!! :) I'll keep that in mind, don't worry :)

I remember the dog with eyes as big as dinner plates, but there were 2 others in that tale too and a poor soldier, right? I'll have to look that one up.

yep! their eyes got progressively larger and so did they, and there was a poor soldier and an old woman. I didn't have time to look it up last night, but I'm nearly certain that it's also in one of those books.

Best of luck!

I hope your interview goes well. I agree that some of the toughest interview questions are those which require self-evaluation. Such as "What do you consider to be your weak points / strong points?" or "How do you manage conflicting priorities?"

Being confident is important to your overall success. It is good to go in knowing that you're evaluating them as much as they are you. Go get 'em!

Re: Best of luck!

Thank you! :)

First: good luck on your interview! Knock 'em dead!

Second: Not wanting so much sugar in my diet but still wanting to drink soda, I like Pepsi Max. Of course, it might seem like brand defection to you if you've been a Coca-Cola woman all your life, but I find that it has significantly less aftertaste and tastes more robust than Pepsi Light.

argh...I'll have to try it, since I'm really wanting to ditch the soda. Being branded a brand defector is rough, but I can live with it, I suppose. (don't tell the Coca Cola people though)


Have you tried to google ASPARTAME??? bad stuff.
I do believe it was the cause of dads blindness (coupled with many other things...)

see link above.

start drinking water!!! or gatorade or something good and healthy for you. look in the health food section of your grocery store and look for sodas there. in the states there was a brand called Hansens, and a few other.

god(sic)luck with the interview. you certainly sound overqualified. (geez just listen to yourself.)
Godlike confidence in my work abilities???? (rolls eyes)

there is no health food section in Swedish grocery stores. There are no healthy sodas whatsoever that I have ever seen here. Also, people freak out about everything and anything these days, I doubt seriously whether aspartame is any worse for you than SUGAR in that respect, unless you react to it. Googling anything needs to be taken with a grain of salt, besides, as a great deal of the info on the web is garbage. Try this one for the other side of the story.

Also, I DO drink water. As for dad's blindness, diabetes itself probably had something to do with it. (rolls eyes back at you)

Nah, that wouldn't be too thick :)

Good luck with the interview. From my experience interviews always go well when you feel in a position of power and want to see if the place is right for you, rather than let them see if you are right for them - you'll be fine!

I'll hold my thumbs for you regarding the job interview. I can't advise on soda here. I went from being a pop-aholic to drinking drinking lätt öl to get my fizzie fix, water and orange juice.

And just because of you I got stuck reading fairy tales ;) My favorite was Goose-Girl

What a great story! I don't think I've ever read that one before, which amazes me considering how many fairytales I've read! Thanks! :)

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