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What the interview was? A slap with a big ol' cluestick. Which I apparently needed. Oh, not in the way you may be thinking, after my flippant remark about "godlike confidence" but the fact that it made me walk around for hours afterwards re-evaluating the appreciation I have for my CURRENT job. Despite all the crud I've been upset about regarding the open landscaping particularly and other things generally, I think beating this job in any of several dimensions would be difficult.

I actually think the interview went quite well, and it was obvious they were impressed with my work and my experience, but I don't really see it going anywhere, and to be honest, I'm extremely doubtful that I'd take a job with them. I've worked at a small husband-and-wife-run company in the past and frankly, it sucked. This company isn't yet really stable when it comes to funding, their materials were not what I'd call exciting or colorful to put it mildly, although they were substantially more, uh, important and impressive, than the pieces I do for Ericsson, and when the managing director asked me how much I make, his eyes bulged when I told him* and after a few seconds of silence, he asked me if I was attached to my salary and then treated me to a 10-minute spiel on risk-taking and government sponsorships, blah blah blah...the upshot being that there's probably no way they could meet my salary requirements. This makes me roll my eyes as my salary here is substantially LOWER than what I was making in the States 8 years ago.

In addition, they don't have an actual position to offer me yet, although there was quite a bit of talk about "strengthening that department." I think it was a good thing that I went, anyway, especially if it helped my bad attitude about work. I really DO have it good here, and I need to put that firmly in the forefront of my mind.

Here's an interesting question running through my mind at the moment. How many times do you allow a good friend to cancel on you before you give up completely? Too bad this isn't a hypothetical question. argh

Music Dork: Sang a karaoke duet last night at the choir party with Debbie. The song? Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett. The Swedes were most appreciative. Also, Bohemian Rhapsody may sound like a good idea when the karaoke juices are flowing, but trust me: bad, bad idea.

This Woman Just Makes Me CRY With the Laughter: Everybody Hurts by who else? the one and only Dooce

Interesting Interview with Several of my Favorite Fantasy Writers: Between Planets (featuring pegkerr, pameladean, 1crowdedhour, Patricia Wrede, Eleanor Arnason, Louis McMaster Bujold and Lyda Morehouse)

*I admit to a slight amount of padding, but only to cover the additional costs I'd incur by the increase in my commute. Also, "attached to my salary??" Well, DUH.
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