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What the interview was? A slap with a big ol' cluestick. Which I apparently needed. Oh, not in the way you may be thinking, after my flippant remark about "godlike confidence" but the fact that it made me walk around for hours afterwards re-evaluating the appreciation I have for my CURRENT job. Despite all the crud I've been upset about regarding the open landscaping particularly and other things generally, I think beating this job in any of several dimensions would be difficult.

I actually think the interview went quite well, and it was obvious they were impressed with my work and my experience, but I don't really see it going anywhere, and to be honest, I'm extremely doubtful that I'd take a job with them. I've worked at a small husband-and-wife-run company in the past and frankly, it sucked. This company isn't yet really stable when it comes to funding, their materials were not what I'd call exciting or colorful to put it mildly, although they were substantially more, uh, important and impressive, than the pieces I do for Ericsson, and when the managing director asked me how much I make, his eyes bulged when I told him* and after a few seconds of silence, he asked me if I was attached to my salary and then treated me to a 10-minute spiel on risk-taking and government sponsorships, blah blah blah...the upshot being that there's probably no way they could meet my salary requirements. This makes me roll my eyes as my salary here is substantially LOWER than what I was making in the States 8 years ago.

In addition, they don't have an actual position to offer me yet, although there was quite a bit of talk about "strengthening that department." I think it was a good thing that I went, anyway, especially if it helped my bad attitude about work. I really DO have it good here, and I need to put that firmly in the forefront of my mind.

Here's an interesting question running through my mind at the moment. How many times do you allow a good friend to cancel on you before you give up completely? Too bad this isn't a hypothetical question. argh

Music Dork: Sang a karaoke duet last night at the choir party with Debbie. The song? Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett. The Swedes were most appreciative. Also, Bohemian Rhapsody may sound like a good idea when the karaoke juices are flowing, but trust me: bad, bad idea.

This Woman Just Makes Me CRY With the Laughter: Everybody Hurts by who else? the one and only Dooce

Interesting Interview with Several of my Favorite Fantasy Writers: Between Planets (featuring pegkerr, pameladean, 1crowdedhour, Patricia Wrede, Eleanor Arnason, Louis McMaster Bujold and Lyda Morehouse)

*I admit to a slight amount of padding, but only to cover the additional costs I'd incur by the increase in my commute. Also, "attached to my salary??" Well, DUH.
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The answer to your question is invariably one too many times :) I've let too many cancellations slide before. A few years ago I had a small culling of friends that didn't 'satisfy' me needs from a friend, and I felt a LOT better :)

That's great that the interview gave you a newfound appreciation for your job, that's always handy. I think I'd find it hard to beat mine at the moment as well, despite all it's flaws, and that's strangely comforting :)

Glad to hear it went well. If nothing else, you could consider it good practice for honing your interviewing skills, but I'm betting that the increased appreciation of your current situation (open plan aside) doesn't hurt, either.

I'm just wondering how much they'd be looking to pay someone for such a position. God knows it could be a step up for me. Do they work in Swedish or English?

They work in English, and all their materials are in English (British, from what I could see). I have no idea at this point what they'd be willing to pay but I could definitely tell Emily Hansson to put your name in the hat if you like. They seem to be wanting marketing people who can do everything: strategy, writing, AND implementation, which struck me as a bit weird, but I think it's mostly because they don't know yet what positions they need to hire for.

I'd have to get my CV in shape, because it isn't at all.

What does Emily do there?

I don't think I could possibly explain it and she's tried to tell me several times. I'll try to figure out how to tell you for thai night tomorrow. :)

Speaking of which, I ate there the other night and said that I would ring ahead for a reservation on Friday. It looks like only four are signed up, sadly.

Just added 2 more adults and 1 8-year-old :)

On friend question: How much of a friend is she? If you care about her and value what she gives you when you're together, then I'd say a talk about your feelings on being cancelled on is in order. True friends are people we can take to task and share the way their behavior makes us feel.

If she's just someone you see, an acquaintance or a running-around buddy (the difference between une copine and une amie in French), then just stop calling her. I've found that often puts a relationship in its proper place. Not eliminated forever, but distance added to give you less of a stake. When she calls you and wants to get together, you can simply say, "Only if you're sure you can make it. I'd love to see you, but my schedule is pretty cramped right now."

Hope this helps.

Actually, that really helps. The thing is, she IS a good friend, and I do care about her and value her, but I'm tired of never being top priority when we schedule time to get together. It seems something ALWAYS comes up. At least some of the time, I think our plans should come first since they were planned first, if you know what I mean.

I will definitely talk to her about it, though, because it's really starting to bum me out, and I'd prefer not to have our friendship damaged.

Good advice. :)

Good luck! :)

You are a very smart cookie to see the grass is not always greener on the other side before you actually go over. I've seen many people do that and they end up coming back to the company. I'm also glad that your past torture at WRP has had some good effect on you and I know exactly what you mean, if it wasn't for that I would never have pictured myself in such a large company. Is it that old addage that there is strength in numbers?

I always swore after I'd been at First Chicago for awhile, and had seen the difference between a little company and a big one that I'd never go back. I think I should stick to that vow. :)

I'm all for the talking to people, especially ones you really like, before you consider dropping the acquaintance. Then if you have talked and it still happens, at least you know that both you and she are aware now of what's happening and you've had your answer on what to do.

These curious reality checks seem to be coming up for many of my friends, where like you, they are unhappy with details of a situation and search for alternatives, only to find that compared to what's out there, yikes!!! And then they look at making the most of the current situation.
I say Darn! and Hurrah.!
I guess it's part of the human job description to make the most of the situations we find ourselves in.

I'm glad you tried for something better. AND I'm glad you are able and willing to see right away that maybe it's not so bad where you are. Good luck at making it work for yourself better and better.

I've got a similar thing this past week in the housing area of my life. I had a great offer that turned out to get me moving on taking the risk of seriously looking for that renter...

As for the friend question, I'm with Trish. She said about what I would have said if I were in a different time zone... but no need to repeat it all hours later.

Havn't had time to look at the links yet, but I know they'll be good. Yours always are. Thanks.

Thanks! I'm glad you seem to be finding your way with the housing issues. Something will work out, I'm sure of it! :) :)

Sometimes I learn more from an interview for a job I'll never take then for a job I don't get that I wanted. Does that make sense? Sometimes it is good to test the waters.

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