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We had a nice discussion about fairytales at book group last night even though some people seem to be awfully vague on the definition of fairytale and kept referring to current children's literature as "well, it's a fairytale to ME" as if that made it okay. Apparently, not everyone continues to read fairytales and folktales as adults, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? *boggle* Although, I did a little mental inventory of the people in the room and the ones who don't read any "children's" literature at all? Not the ones I hang out with or want to hang out with. Hmmm...

Carol, our hostess, showed us a lovely little book that her grandmother had written and illustrated for her when she was a child. Her grandmother died when Carol was 7, but before that she handwrote all these great stories with stunning watercolor illustrations and Carol still has 6 of the books. She wants to get them published some day. They reminded me a bit of the stuff that Becky and I used to do in junior high. We wrote and illustrated stories, we drew complicated comic series with armies of characters, we filled notebook after notebook with sketches and silly stuff and serious stuff and stuff.

My friend did not cancel on me and we had a good time eating sushi. Because she didn't cancel on me, I've postponed the little talk with her I was planning to have. We made a lunch date this morning for 2 weeks from now, so we'll see. :) Thai food is on the agenda for tonight. I have had dinner in Malmö 3 nights in a row (including tonight) and will be gone part of tomorrow as well. This morning, while brushing the kid's teeth, I stared at them like I hadn't seen them in weeks and had to restrain myself from squeezing them both. On the way from the daycare to the school I was singing silly songs to Martin and he was laughing his head off, and even though we passed several other teachers and parents and kids, I didn't lower my voice or stop singing, and Martin just kept laughing. I kept thinking "this won't last long...someday soon I'm going to be embarassing the life out of him." I've never been one for caring much about being silly in public, but I'm pretty sure my kids won't let me get away with it for much longer.

Happy For: My sister's recent financial windfall, and my brother's move to a new apartment.
Sad For: A colleague and friend whose wife was just diagnosed with malignant breast cancer; the 3rd person in my extended circle to be dealing with this. :(

Hilarious Interview Practice Questions: Are You a Morning Person, or a People Person?
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You know, just be prepared for the fact that perhaps you won't EVER embarrass Martin! I always thought my mom was cool, even when the rest of my siblings were trying to walk 500 yards in front or behind her, not to be seen with her! I was so proud she was my mom, even if she was crazy, because it was such a LOVELY crazy. God, I miss her so much, even 12 years later.

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