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Red poppies and cheerful oxeye daisies have sprung up everywhere, they're waving in the breeze. The rapeseed blossoms are failing, but their smell still overwhelms. The uniform green of summer has swelled across the land. Lilacs are everywhere, white, lavender, and deep purple, they smell so good. Summer weather is here this weekend, it's warm and sunny, with cloudless skies.

Yesterday I power-walked with Karin. I told her before we left that she had to keep up with me, but as you might have guessed, by the end it was I who was keeping up with her. She chose the way we went, and skipped and ran ahead of me. We stopped briefly to feed 2 dark chestnut horses some grass, and ended up walking for over 45 minutes around the village. Down the new path to the snail trail, over to the Scout house, past the runestone and the center of the village, and past our old house where we admired the new stone wall they've built. Once in awhile, as we strode along, her little hand would steal into mine and we'd walk companionably together for a bit before she felt the urge to skip ahead, the bottom of her blue shoes winking at me to keep up.

Anders is really upset because something is broken again in the engine of his motorcycle. So far this season he's only been able to ride for a few short track runs. It's particularly upsetting because of how much time and money he has invested in the bike, and when the weather is beautiful, it's aggravating not to be able to take off for an evening run. He's taking it into pieces again trying to find exactly what's wrong. :(

The AWC meeting is tonight, last one before the summer. The summer calendars are stuffed full of activities though, so it's not like we really have a break. The guest "speakers" tonight are 2 flamenco dancers who are going to do a demonstration for us, should be fun. I've still got some newsletter work to do beforehand, and have to print the calendars and programs as well before I leave. This 3-day weekend has just flown by since we've been busy and I haven't even made it to the grocery store or cleaned the house, except for doing laundry! aagh.

I seem to be on a sushi streak, as that's what I'm having for dinner tonight, mums!

My mom just admonished me in an email that my books-to-buy list is SIX pages long, as if it's my fault, and she doesn't even have the most up-to-date version. Shall I tell her that she's not buying them fast enough? Hee hee :D

Sparkling, Super, Happy Birthday Wishes to jes6ica!!!


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