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I got the dying camera to squeeze out once last gasp, shuddering and choking all the way...just so I could take pictures of the rock and post it here for posterity.

Second, Name That Stone!
Poll #301391 NAME THAT STONE!

Which name do you like best?

Bodil the Boulder
Barbro the Big One
Ayers Rock the Smaller
Spessartine Granite
Rock Me Amadeus
Smickery Stone*
Clifford the Big Red Rock
Rock Hudson

Got a better idea?

*Like the Blarney Stone, only in Swedish. "Smicker" is Swedish for flattery.
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music: Roches—Somebody's Gonna Have To Be Me


nice rock!!

Whoa, now THAT is a rock! Can you see a bunch of bulbs around it, like snowdrops, crocuses, grape hyacinths in early spring? I can.

By the way, I think you need 2 espaliers up the wall on either side of that lonely window all on its own, with a jackmanii clematis and perhaps a lovely pink climbing rose against the grey!

We have plans for the front, but it will probably be next year before we get it done. Clematis is going in the back, actually, and I want some evergreen bushes in the front :) It's fun to pick things out, that's for sure!

That's the plan, ma'am...we're just moving slowly. :) We bought a lilac tree today...a very short one...but a tree nonetheless to go behind the rock.

I had a really hard time deciding. I like Rock Me Amadeus as well. You can take my vote on either one. :>

haha! You forgot to add the Rosetta Stone!

I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Actually, I thought about that one! I should have used "Rosyetta Stone" instead of Barbro the Big One, I bet people would have voted for it, haha!

The kids like it!


Well- Rock me Amadeus made me laugh- but why not :
"Mr.Potato Head has fallen and can't get up"
yeah...I know it's a little long for a name- but, does fit! :) it does look great! Lizardmom

I voted for "Ayers Rock the Smaller" but also like "Clifford the Big Red Rock" since the dog always had kids on his back along for the ride.

Cool Rock!


Way cool rock! Didja like my answer? :)

Btw, I am totally in love with Karin's Batman shoes!

hee! :) yep. She's mad for those shoes right now. Wears them everywhere, especially since her Batman socks wore out!

Everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around...

Now I have They Might Be Giants in my head! :)

Cool rock - might make a neat table...

Re: Everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around...

Did you mean Mrs Frisby of the Rats NIMH? I have to go re-read that book now!

Re: Everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around...

Of course! The line "the lee of the stone" popped into my head... I know... it's cheesy! :D

That is a really nice rock. I love that the shape allows sitting upon it. I can imagine it's warmth on a sunny day.

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