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It wasn't roses...it was an orchid. I like orchids a lot but I can usually only keep them alive for a few months, which makes me sad. This is a really cool orchid, too, I've never seen one like it. It has a purple, triangular pocket and a fangy fringe of points hanging down to cover it. My picture of it isn't nearly as spectacular as the orchid prints that redpirk posted today, though! :)

I also got FIVE huge envelopes in the mail, literally bursting their seams, full of collage goodies, books, and stuff for the kids from my mom and my sister.

We went to a fondue place for dinner, in Lund, at Stäket (click that link to see a great photo of the facade!), and took the kids with us. They've never had fondue before (to our shame, since we have a fondue set) so it was quite a thrill for them. It's a 15-century house in great condition, although the roof isn't original, having been rebuilt in 1957, and you go up the stairs outside and then down the stairs inside to the vaulted cellar where the restaurant is. It's very cozy and medieval. It's also famous for being the city estate of the lady Görvel Fadersdottir Sparre who lived there with her 3rd husband, Lave Brahe (probably of the same family as Tycho Brahe). She was considered a "poor little rich girl" who had been orphaned at the age of 3, widowed after 1 year of marriage, remarried off to a Dane by the King, Gustav Vasa, and her only child, a son by her 2nd husband, died at the age of 13.

Her 3rd marriage, one she chose herself for love, was a happy one, and she was quoted as saying, "I would rather live in hell with mister Lave than in paradise with mister Truid (her 2nd husband)." She lived to be 96 and is buried in Lunds Cathedral next to her Lave in what is now called "Fru Görvels Chapel."

Afterwards, we treated the kids to ice cream and sat under a chestnut tree in Stortorget enjoying the evening sunshine before heading home. :)
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