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Anna of collects animal noises in other languages and has a friend who collects the phrase, "I want to buy some Velcro," for what to me are unfathomable reasons.

Since one of my sophomore year college roommates, Nancy Paz* taught me how to say give me a kiss in Polish, I've collected the phrase in as many languages as possible. You never know when it might come in handy. I have them written down on a little slip of paper in a treasure box, a list that includes Arabic, Finnish, and Greek. Off the top of my head, without looking, I can say it in Polish, Swedish, French, German and, of course, English.

Whenever possible, I had people write down how to pronounce it, so I don't always know how it's actually spelled.

There's no reason for telling you any of this except that I read Anna's article and it made me think of my little phrase collection. If you don't like it, kyss mig i baken.

Which reminds me of another story! O the segue!

When I was first learning Swedish, Anders refused to teach me any bad words. This is because he's naturally polite and also because he probably didn't think it would be a good idea for me to be able to indulge my natural pottymouth tendencies in a language his parents understood. Finally, I wormed out of him the proper way to say kiss my ass in Swedish (see above). Around about the same time his mother was taking an English class, due solely to the fact that she was worried about being able to communicate with me. Since she was nearing 70 at the time and has no natural gift for languages, this was a MAJOR deal. She quite proudly announced to Anders over the phone (we were still in the States at the time) that she had learned an important phrase, and after he ended the call, he put his head in his hands and groaned.

Me: What?
Anders: I can just see it now, your first conversation with my mom...

Märta (in English): May I see your passport, please?
Liz (in Swedish): Kiss my ass!


An essay by Kate, inspired by Maggie the Beagle who could teach us all a thing or two: How to Enjoy Grass

Now I Don't Need to See the Movie: Hilarious recap of Van Helsing in 15 Minutes (via esmecat)

*Paz is short for a really long, confusingly spelled Polish name that I can never remember because we always called her Paz.
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*LOL* I can see why Anders would be so nervous :) There's been a few admissions of pottymouth-ness on LJ this month, whch is good to see - mine can be foul, with a very innocent look on my face :) Hopefully I can hear yours one day!

LOL I've been bad since I can't remember when. :) My junior high gang used to hit each other and yell "CUSSLIP!" when ever any of us used a bad word.

I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED at your hypotheticaly first conversation. I remember when my greek roomate in University taught us how to say "penis" in greek and we went around saying it everywhere because it had no meaning for us, and he would just cringe and cringe!

We've been singing a song about Titania, the Fairy Queen, in choir, and some of the chorus goes "Ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti, Titania!" over and over, and one of the members who is from Thailand told us that "titi" means penis in Thai! Now I can't stop thinking of it when we're singing and it makes me want to bust out laughing! :D

Give me a kiss in Czech is 'Dejte mi pusu' (dayte me pusu), although that's a little formal, so most would just say 'Dej mi pusu' (day me pusu).

OH hurrah! Thank you!!

I've heard that the Swedish curse words are actually kind of tame compared to English. Despite that, I often find myself saying "Go to hell" the most in English. Of course, in Swedish, it translates nicely: "Dra/Gå åt helvete."

They're only considered tamer because they use "religious" imagery (devil, heaven) which has paled in comparison in the States at least to the body function/sexual action swearwords in use today. do you say it in Thai?

ha! you know what I have to change this entry. I swear I have it somewhere in Thai but it's not on the slip of paper that I found, although I didn't dig down to see if I had any MORE slips of paper. My life is all about slips of paper, let me tell you!

Mmmmmhmmmm. I see. Okay then, how about any translation from anyone said pieces of paper?

English: Give me a kiss, Give me a smooch
Arabic: (eeteeny büssey)
Czech: Dejte mi pusu (dayte me pusu) Dej mi pusu (day me pusu)
Dutch: Geef aan mij een kus
Finnish: Anna suukko, Anna pusu (or suudelma)
French: Donnez moi un baiser
German: Geben Sie mir einen Küß, Gibst mir ein Küß
Greek: Μου δώστε ένα φιλί, (thōssmou ena filaki)
Italian: Diami un bacio
Norwegian: Gi meg et kyss
Polish: Dają mnie pocałunek, Dają mnie buziak, (Di me boojie)
Portuguese: Dê-me um beijo
Spanish: Déme un beso
Swedish: Ge mig en kyss, Ge mig en puss

:) the same answer in any language. Thank you for the list, I know it will come in handy someday.

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