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1) It's Thursday, one more day to the weekend!

2) Karin is staying overnight at a camp tonight, which means she'll have a blast and WE'LL all get a good night's sleep :)

3) The sky is SO BLUE! So so very blue. A perfect, unmarked, endless robin-egg's blue, and the weather is warm, sunny and SUMMER!

4) I already walked 20 minutes today, at lunch, when we went over to the old restaurant for salmon and stuvad spinach. yum!

5) Once again, no plans tonight...except laundry, some cleaning, a bit of web work, and a walk in the evening sunshine.

6) Work is good. Nobody seems to mind that I keep bursting into song at my desk.

7) I've decided to make magnets with Swedish motifs for my junior-high-girlfriends that I'm reuniting with this summer.

8) An American woman that lives in Saudi Arabia, whom I met in Stockholm last year and liked very much, and who was shot in both legs during the recent terror attack in Khobar compound is expected to recover completely and is doing really well, despite the horrific shock of the experience.

9) I've already gotten quite a bit of positive feedback on my catalog and latest printed newsletter at work which came back from the printer yesterday, and I have a 2nd job from a freelance client lined up for the end of June.

10) This picture of idahoswede's puppy Sophie. Warning: cuteness alert!

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