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1) It's Thursday, one more day to the weekend!

2) Karin is staying overnight at a camp tonight, which means she'll have a blast and WE'LL all get a good night's sleep :)

3) The sky is SO BLUE! So so very blue. A perfect, unmarked, endless robin-egg's blue, and the weather is warm, sunny and SUMMER!

4) I already walked 20 minutes today, at lunch, when we went over to the old restaurant for salmon and stuvad spinach. yum!

5) Once again, no plans tonight...except laundry, some cleaning, a bit of web work, and a walk in the evening sunshine.

6) Work is good. Nobody seems to mind that I keep bursting into song at my desk.

7) I've decided to make magnets with Swedish motifs for my junior-high-girlfriends that I'm reuniting with this summer.

8) An American woman that lives in Saudi Arabia, whom I met in Stockholm last year and liked very much, and who was shot in both legs during the recent terror attack in Khobar compound is expected to recover completely and is doing really well, despite the horrific shock of the experience.

9) I've already gotten quite a bit of positive feedback on my catalog and latest printed newsletter at work which came back from the printer yesterday, and I have a 2nd job from a freelance client lined up for the end of June.

10) This picture of idahoswede's puppy Sophie. Warning: cuteness alert!
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#6, it's amazing what a change in perspective you can have after an interview with a NOT SO GOOD company!

#10 Diabetics beware!

I asked Johan (our dept head) today if he could please arrange to have a gigantic trade show and product launch every 2 months because they keep me so busy I don't have to time to think about how much I hate the fucking open landscaping. He just gave me a big grin.

#2- LOL- a least you are honest! Our DD has been so tired lately that often she doesn't require us to give her a bath before se goes to bed. We SAVE a LOT of time when she goes t bed without a bath. (We don't think she needs a daily bath- especially if she doesn't get dirty/ play outside).

#7- your friends will love the Swedish motif magnets- how cool!

#2: It's not just the bedtime routine and the sitting with her until she falls asleep that takes time, it's that she comes into our bed around 4:30 a.m. and proceeds to hog it. She didn't do it last night, actually, but it's been a nearly nightly event for a LONG time. :)

4:30am? ugh- that does not sound fun- hopefully she will grow out of it soon!

Considering she's been doing it since she was approximately 3 months old, I don't hold out much hope. The plan is to convince her that while it's okay to wake up at 4:30, it's NOT okay to wake others up. She's just a little social monkey.

oh- so quiet toys to play with in her room- a special book that mommy makes for her to look at when she wakes up? Or a special treasure box of special things you leave out for her at night and put away when you wake up?

tried them all. even the book. she wants COMPANY. It's "boring" in her room at night. *rolls eyes*

oh wow- I thought I was going to give you enlightenment. Well enjoy your quiet evening/ morning!

We did. :) And thank you! Any sympathy and encouragement helps!

Woo-hoo!! for good things!

The weather has just been great here. Makes such a difference. skies!

It does make the biggest difference!! My whole attitude is UP :)

8) An American woman that lives in Saudi Arabia, whom I met in Stockholm last year and liked very much, and who was shot in both legs during the recent terror attack in Khobar compound is expected to recover completely and is doing really well, despite the horrific shock of the experience.

is there a first name i can use to pray for her? i'll add her to my prayer list.

Thank you :) Her name is Dianne Reed.

Great to hear you sounding so upbeat.

You've been missed. I've been thinking about you two and expect you're living it up on the boat in this weather! :)

Living it up in the boat? Don't you mean "fighting the elements in a battle of survival with mother nature". I mean you can see it's hard work if you look here

It's a hard knock life, for sure! :D

What a great day! And definitely cuteness overload in the photo - Sophie is gorgeous.

We have that BLUE BLUE sky here today too. 17C and bright blue - absolutely gorgeous. Life enriching blue.


Hooray! 10 really good things about your day, and your life!
I find it really helpful to make these sorts of lists, whether I think I've had a good day or a horrific one.

Oh, and my oldest child didn't sleep through the night until he was about 6 years old.. I can relate.
We built a raised platform family bed, which really helped. It was the entire width of one end of our room. There were two double futons, one single, and one custom about half width of a single.... 2 adults, 4 children...
We read stories aloud for the younger two, then for the other two we could actually read young adult fantasies like the Anne McCaffrey books... that held our interest and our children loved these stories.
We had to be a little creative for adult/no children night time activities**** but the bed did help with the sleeping thing. The children had their own rooms and bed too, and actually sometimes woke and went to their rooms. Eventually they began to do so of their own accord!!

I remember being a child waking in the night, timidly yet with urgency following the hallway wall with my hand to get to my parents room. They always let me cuddle in, but I had to be quiet and let them go right back to sleep, or better yet, learn to climb in without waking them... no funny business... This, unless I had had a scary or distressing experience. Then I could quietly and quickly tell them before quieting and letting us all get back to sleep.

Re: Hooray!

She does sleep through the night about half the time, and it IS getting better although slowly. It's WAY better compared to how it was when she was a baby/toddler though, I admit. She knows now to be quiet and do her best NOT to wake me up, at least :)

Re: Hooray!

Wouldn't it have been nice if someone had told us that parenting would induce serious bouts of sleep deprivation?

Re: Hooray!

LOL! Like YEARS worth?!

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