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I drove home through the summer sunshine with the windows rolled down and the music blasting...Doowopsalsaboprock by Kid Creole & the Coconuts had me bouncing in the driver's seat and singing along. Oh for a convertible! Anders and Martin had beaten me home and were heading back out to run an errand. I ate a quick dinner, put laundry in and put up the window screens on about half the windows (did I mention it's SUMMER?). Then I decided to read for a bit, and TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER I woke up.
mood: recumbent
music: Housemartins—Sheep


This weather is amazing! I just love the freedom of Swedish summer. Back "home" summer was hibernation time - stay out of the 45C sun or get burned to a crisp. But here it's just lovely. Enjoy!

45C sun! *shudder* I can't imagine living in that kind of heat! I LOVE Swedish summers!

Naps are so nice when they happen spontaneously like that and fit easily into the time frame....
You must have been tired!!

Me, too, Liz. I went to do yoga and we had a delicious snack and then just lay down on her big comfortable bed with all the pillows and the overhead fan going and went into a great snooze. I woke, drove home and crashed again. It's now nearly 1:30 a.m. (you're probably just waking up) and I'm putting the computer to sleep and heading back. Hey, when you need to sleep, you need to sleep.

I love naps :) It's been a long time since I did that.

Naps are one of those things we learned in kindergarten that we need to remember all our lives.

If you ever want to encourage yourself about naps, just read Sark. She's the champion of naps. Really.

My land, I haven't heard the name Kid Creole and the Coconuts in maybe a decade!

I just love your icon... sleeping watermelon-patterned Kirby?

:) It's from somewhere on this website: Neopets

So that's what a Neopet is. I've seen people talking about them online but never saw one itself. It's adorable; I may have a new computer addiction on my hands. After I stop being addicted to the portrait icon maker thingy.

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