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After the craziness of the last month or so, and the amount of STUFF I've had going on, it is very nice to have a full day of nothing but the deadlines of birdsong and bike rides to define my day. I slept in, mosied around, dusted, did some vacuuming but not all, ran the dishwasher, put up two more window screens, ate lunch, fed the kids and read half a book. That, my friends, is one lazy day for me! :D I just showered and am going to the grocery store to pick up "cellar-smoked" ham for the baby shower brunch tomorrow and I have to wrap a present and exercise. Those are my sole goals for the day. I even talked Anders out of inviting people over for dinner so we could have a full day with no plans.

After nearly 4 weeks of power-walking I've developed some sort of pain in my right shin that comes on after about 10 minutes of walking and makes it very painful to get through the half hour. Anders thinks it could be caused by walking on hard surfaces. I'm going to try bike riding for half an hour each night for a week instead and see if that rests it enough. Otherwise, I'll have to find alternative exercise ideas to use with walking.

After having started three paragraphs with the word after, I think I have to go do something else now.

Very Happy Anniversary Wishes to verian!

Sweden Has No Roaches, and Thus I Could Live Here Forever: Why I Could Never Be A Buddhist by finslippy
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Yay! A whole day of nothing. How often does THAT happen? Although, you know, you did too much for a day of nothing.


I know. My bad. :) I have yet another load of laundry in too, AND I made dinner. But I just made the whole family go for a 40-minute promenade in the evening sunshine :)


Could you try and walk on a grassy surface to ease your shin? I notice when running that I do better on a dirt trail or on grass rather than a paved road. Might not be bad anyway to vary biking with walking.

Relax and enjoy a peaceful weekend!

Re: grass

I'm trying to do that as much as possible. If I start out slower it helps too, but I'm trying to walk briskly, and there aren't so many places where I can walk on grassy's on and off and once I'm in the village itself it's mostly off. Hopefully the biking will help!

Oh - on the shin front, take it from someone who waitressed their way through University and college, buy a good pair of sport insoles for your shoes. Eases the shin problem right away.

I'll check that out, thanks :) I have fairly new, decent walking shoes, it's probably mostly because I'm so out of shape and started out fairly ambitiously.

I'm moving to Sweden...good God! Last night, I nearly had a nervous breakdown....there was a water bug crawling on my toothbrush. Sacred ground. Ick!

Finslippy...may be my new hero. The towel mitt reference...was too funny!

I hate those damn bugs! We had both kinds in Chicago, the big black palmettos and the little brown German woodroaches. *shudder* on your toothbrush!!! AAGH!

uscheduled time

It's so important to have that unscheduled time now and again! Good for you.

finslippy was hilarious.thanks

and the shin: good cushy shoes, good insoles, softer ground, and a bit of a shin rest... bike riding sounds like a good idea, let us know how it works out.

Re: uscheduled time

I've got the first 2, the 2nd one is harder in the village, it's on and off with grassy surfaces. HOpefully the bike riding will help :)

My mom walks about 8 miles a day (she is in her early 60's) and has trouble on concrete or very hard surfaces. I have back and leg trouble on hard surfaces also so I opt for walking paths in our neighborhood which are softer. Otherwise- ouch

I can see how you would have thoroughly enjoyed that story about the waterbug, I have stories that could make your skin crawl and now that I see you enjoy reading them...Coming Soon! I just don't get why it's called Why I Could Never Be A Buddhist, though.

because she didn't respect its life and being, but killed it DEAD DEAD DEAD!! hahahahhaha!

Ahhh...but that is just the circle of life, isn't it?

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