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The day has not begun well. Both kids were up several times in the night coughing. I've definitely got a cold. Anders is staying home this morning with them, and when I went out to leave for work, NEITHER car would start. sigh Someone send me positive vibes.


After a rough start, I have to say that the day is starting to get better. Must be because of all of you who sent me positive vibes, thank you!
  • Got the news that my friend Lisa in Chicago had her baby and all's well

  • The car started with no problem when I left work to come home early

  • A package with four books from Mom was waiting for me in the mailbox

  • galestorm told me one of our stamp orders has arrived
Now if I can just swing a nap, the world will tilt back on its proper axis.
mood: cranky
music: Rickie Lee—Living It Up


positive vibes sent your way!

thanks :) I'll need all I can get, I suspect.

I'm thinking good thoughts in your direction.

Vibes on the way!

thanks all, I really appreciate it :) wish I could say the day is improving otherwise...

How's this for an improvement: the Above the Mark stamps are here! :)

wow! that was fast!! You still have to let me know how much more I owe you! :) I know what I gave you probably wasn't enough for this order. Maybe we can plan dinner on Wednesday?

We'll sort it out. Dinner Wednesday would be good -- but maybe something less expensive than sushi! :)

DEFINITELY something less expensive! LOL :)

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