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Attention writers and friends of writers!

If you or someone you know is a writer or poet looking for a showcase, why not consider submitting your work to Mosaic Minds?

The zine has decided to go in a bit of a different direction in future issues, which should give you more of an opportunity to contribute. Instead of trying to make every single story relate to our theme, we are branching out. We'll still have a lot of features that relate to the theme, but we are not limiting all stories to the theme—especially non-feature items. So, if you have something you've written that you think is publishable, whether or not it relates to the theme, send it in!

The theme for the next issue is What If? and the deadline for submissions is June 15th for our July 1st publication date.

Future themes are:
August 15: Self-Acceptance (submission deadline July 30)
October 1: Fears and Phobias (submission deadline September 15)
November 15: Serenity (submission deadline October 31)

Creative writing can be sent to creative@mosaicminds.net and poetry can be sent to poetry@mosaicminds.net. To submit to other sections of Mosaic Minds, including the theme feature section, please take a look at the Specific Section Guidelines listed on the General Submission Guidelines page.

Feel free to spread the word! :)


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