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What a lovely little baby shower I went to! Only 5 people and all of us very good friends, 4 hours of excellent conversation, surprisingly not so much about babies. And brunch! American-style pancakes with maple syrup, biscuits, that cellar-smoked ham which turned out to be delicious, medium-soft boiled eggs and juice. Mums :)

Afterwards I picked up galestorm and we made a commando raid on IKEA. In and out in literally 15 minutes. I felt like we were in an action movie and I even had the car rolling as Gale was getting in for a fast getaway. Gale and I were wondering about the cellar-smoked ham. Both of us agreed that the only thing we've ever seen smoked in a cellar was pot, but marijuana-smoked ham just sounds too good to be true.

The writing thing is starting to happen again, I'm feeling really good about it. Wrote a poem last night for Mosaic Minds that I'm really pleased with. AND I asked Debbie if she'd be interested in singing some duets as part of the entertainment at the regional meeting we are hosting in September and she said yes! Fun! My creative energy is returning!

Some days, I suspect I'm bi-polar. But, who cares, as long as I keep going in this direction.

Makes Me Laugh Every Time: My children singing "shoo fly doan bahdah me, shoofly doan bahdah me"

Note to My Brother: No rain, John, but it's cloudy as all get out. Oh wait, I see a blue spot! SUNSHINE! muahahahha!
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I don't believe it. You can't do IKEA in 15 minutes! Not possible! You can't be telling the truth!

I SWEAR! It took longer to find a parking spot!! We knew exactly what we were going for, and where they were, went straight to them without doing the moseytour of the store and hit the shortest, fastest checkout line! WE ROCK!

Kay, now shoo fly is going to be stuck in the head. Curse you!

Paybacks are hell, Ms. Bananaphone. >:D

What a great entry! I felt happy and uplifted just reading about your productivity coming back! Sounds like it was a fun shower!

It was with 3 of my best friends here in Sweden and another lady that I really admire. :) Great fun!

Exactly, who cares if your bi-polar? Send me a tape of you singing. I'm under real pressure now to come up with a poem. Thanks a lot, poopyhead.

Don't you have the tape of me singing? The one I did with Sharon that YOU produced?! That's the only one there is...and I don't have a microphone to do another, plus after having done it in a real studio with real musicians and a real producer, I'm spoiled.

Remember, re the poem, you don't HAVE to follow the theme. :)

I'm sure I have that tape, somewhere. I can't find a thing. And I wasn't at all as productive as I thought I'd be for these days off. I needed downtime, as they say. I will give today some thought to a poem and I will give you the one I wrote about my niece, but you probably won't like it. I wish I could find that tape of you singing, I love that rendition of Crazy Game. And I'm not at all sure I was a REAL producer.
Might have been a bit fake.*said in her best English accent*

But I thoroughly enjoyed the session!

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