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Cloud cover was hanging heavy with the threat of imminent rain when we left the house this morning, however, I see blue sky and fluffy clouds through the window gap now and the sun is shining enough to force the metal wall blinds half-closed.

Just went down to lunch in the cafeteria and to my delight, sushi has arrived! And it was goooooood. 1 piece each shrimp, tuna and whitefish, 2 pieces of salmon and 4 california rolls for 60 kronor.* It's a little pricey to eat every day but just the possibility and the availability makes me happy!

*Eight bucks
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Mmmmm, sushi! Can't wait for Friday and the Orgasm Maki!

You are really on a roll today, aren't you?? LOL! Maybe we should start referring to Izakaya Koi as "The G-Spot."

I LOVE sushi - and we've only found one place that makes it well here and it's expensive (we are miles from any sea). Still, they have a lunch menu which is just about affordable. We go about once or twice a month - I wish it was more.

I love it, too. I used to eat it 3-4 times a week in Chicago: so good and so cheap! When I moved to Sweden it was torture, there was only 1 restaurant in Malmö (a pricey one) and we had no money to spare since I wasn't working. Once every 4 months was doing well. Now I can eat it fairly often, and having it available in the lunch cafeteria is like HEAVEN! :D

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