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The wind is roaring in the trees today, hairstyles are wishful thinking. Great white puff clouds are whizzing by on a blue background. Yesterday, I saw summer's first slug, which, as Sara says, are "boogers with antenna."

Everyone on the regional planning committee seems to be thrilled that I've offered to stand up as entertainment and sing at the regional welcome reception. Another girl expressed interest in singing with me, so hopefully there will be a handful of us. I've stressed that I don't really want to do it alone, so now it's a matter of figuring out what songs to do and finding practice time with people who live spread out and have extremely busy lives. I need song ideas! The theme is "Finding Your Home Away From Home."

One of our brand new members is a "life and career coach" and works full time, on an international level, making companies and people feel good about their jobs and helping them to make their careers more human and more fulfilling. She was a tangible center of calm and peace in a whirling mass of crazy people last night at our planning meeting. She's going to be one of our guest speakers at the regional meeting, and is even waiving her fee.

Two more packages came yesterday via mom from my sister full of collage elements and goodies. Thanks, Sarah!! Now I just need to slow down the world a bit so that I can find time to play with them!

"I like the idea that every kind gesture, no matter how small, moves us a little bit closer to a world where you don't need a permit to say thank you": Thank You, Matthew Weber

Europeans Are People, Too: And Another Thing

I'm so busy my head is spinning. I have piles of things to do at work and my entire department who are at a trade show in Amsterdam keep calling me up with things they need RIGHT NOW. *zooms off to fax yet another vitally important document while rolling eyes*
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