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ozswede alerted me to the fact that the Cow Parade is taking over place in Stockholm this summer. Sadly, none of the herd seems to have wandered down as far as Malmö...but there's always hope. Trust the Swedish konstnärs to come up with the quintessential Swedish cows:

Dala Cows!

and for us, alcesalces, a Dala MOOSE! :D
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I loooooove the whole cow parade thing! Thanks for posting these!! :)

Those images are just bovine!

I know you cowldn't help yourself!

Well, Cow Parade is such a Mooo-mentous occasion, that I have to milk it for all it is worth!

that was horribull! Cud you please stop the insanity!?

Is this Deja-Moo? Me? Insanity? What udder nonsense! You don't recognise genius at all. But then there's no accownting for taste...

I can tell I'm gonna heifer get tough with you! You're pasture pun prime now!

Hmm... you'll have to steer that barb elsewhere. I dairy'a to call me that to my face. Do you have a beef with my puns? After all, I think my reputation is at steak.

I herd you think you're pretty good, but most of these puns go in one ear and out the udder! :D

You'll hoof to buy me a Holstein of beer to get me to stop!

Did Jer-sey that? She's trying to get me to bribe her! Never! I'll switch to veggie puns beefore I'll admit defeat!

Sounds like you're crying over spilt milk. I cud add to the horror of the puns, however I butter not.

Admitting defeat? How udderly depressing.

Well I can continue if you find it enjoya-bull

Well, I don't know about you, but I cowld go on all day...although I suppose we really ought to mooove on!

My train of thought.

Cows. Milk. Cream. Coffee.

Ooh. Sweden. Gevalia.

Is Gevalia considered particularly good coffee in Sweden? Or is it basically just like a Maxwell House or Folgers over here?

I'm just asking because I adore Gevalia's line of coffees, and I'm hoping I'm not paying too much for my one true "brand-name vice."


Well, it's a cut above Maxwell House, say Folgers here, but hey, for the States, it's pretty good coffee. And compared to Swedish coffee prices, yes, you're paying too much, but if you're enjoying it, go for it. Have you tried their Stockholm blend yet?

Stockholm blend.

I don't think I've tried their Stockholm blend yet. Our usuals are the Royal Vintner (when available), Kona, Costa Rican Peaberry, and a bunch of flavored decaf coffees.

Ehhhh, so I'm paying too much. It's still a damn sight better than Hills Bros.

My husband has to have his Zoega Skåne Roast here, I'm not sure it's even available in the States. My sister's stuck on Gevalia over there, too. :) You're probably paying too much but who cares? Enjoy your coffee!

Zoega Skåne Roast? (I couldn't even find the å on my symbols list, so I had to use yours...)

Does that translate into anything? Is it just a name? And why am I drooling over something I've never heard of?

Here's the history of Zoega. Skåne is the southernmost region of Sweden, where I live. :)

dala moose

Wow- thanks for thinking of me! Very cool looking moose. They have a similar thing in NY where they decorate horses

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LOL! They must have had a time doing dog sculptures, there are so many different breeds!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

oh no!! bulldogs everywhere?! yow

Toronto had a Moose exhibit for quite a long time and several of the Moose are still around the city. Here is the general link to the website:
Here is the complete listing of all the moose that were around the city:

Waaaah! Why can't WE have that here! What a riot! I LOVE Toronto! Good thing for my husband I didn't know about the moose auction until it was too late!

So there are dala cows, and no dala horse salt and pepper shakers? That's so unfair!

have you checked the touristy souvenir shops?

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