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I'm really envious to have found out via orangepoppy that in Toronto they had a Moose Parade instead of a Cow Parade! They even auctioned off all the moose afterwards...good thing I didn't know about it until it was too late, is what my husband is surely thinking.

I really have nothing to say at the moment. There was nothing inspiring about the weather or my drive to work this morning except a field of red poppies which would have been amazing if the sun was shining, but since it wasn't, was merely beautiful.

Happy, Sparkling, Warm and Cuddly Birthday Wishes to purrthecat!!

Why I Loves The Mimi: Children & Dogs Are Not the Same and Why Baloney Belongs Outside of Marriage

I Know I Link To Her All the Time But There's a Damn Good Reason Why: Alex, A Story in 3 Parts (scroll WAY down to start with part me, it's worth it)

Damn You Miss Doxie! Earworm From Hell! Monkey!! Mean Girls

Sibilng rivalry was an ever-revolving theme of 2 on 1 at our house. I did some mean things to my brother and sister when we were growing up because well, that's what you do when you have siblings, even though I don't think I was as bad as all that. For instance, I never threw scissors at my sister and had them stick in the back of her I know.

I was able to regularly convince my sister, who hated carbonated drinks, that the flat 7-Up in the glass was water, no really, it IS...I swear! And once, I persuaded her to get close enough to an electric fence to get shocked by going on and on about how the pretty little beige cow would let her pet it if she just...leaned...over.
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Any time my brother, who is about the only sibling I still communicate with on a regular basis anyway, starts up about how I made him kiss my foot for candy when he was little, I remind him that (1) he didn't HAVE to kiss my foot, he CHOSE to kiss my foot for a crappy little piece of stale candy and (2) that was my role in life as a big sister, to provide the younger ones with enough sadism and evil to prepare them for REAL LIFE, and the fact that he is now facing 50 without doing prison time or needing a psychiatrist showed that I did A GOOD THING!

Thank you sweetheart!! *big birthday hugs*

I'm having a wonderful day. :)

Oh! We have 6 poppies in our side garden. They just pop up overnight... very bizarre. They're like stealth flowers or something. Very pretty though! :) And just in time for today! Yay!

moose parade

how utterly superior!

moose parade

I would have loved to have seen that! *drool*

So mean. You are, you know. You were the oldest, you should have known better >:)

muahahahahah! Hey! Where's my poem? the deadline is rapidly approaching! :)

Do you get Arthur the kids' show broadcast there? There's a character on it named George; he's a moose and his family is Swedish and celebrates holiday traditions. I wish I had a pic to post for you!

I don't think I've seen it...although they might get it now and then. How cool!! *runs off to Google it*

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