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  • The majority of my department was back in the office yesterday, where I had only been expecting one or two people. When my boss walked in, I said "Crud! I suppose this means I have to work now!" and when he said "What?" I replied, "Nothing, honey" and then laughed my head off
  • My friend Angie had her baby girl yesterday after waiting since her water broke on TUESDAY, welcome to the world Kaisa Madelaine!
  • The sushi last night with gale_storm was SO incredibly good, as was the conversation
  • Buying magnets in Sweden is very expensive
  • I had the best sleep-in this morning
  • I have to go walk for an hour and a half today to make up for busy evenings this week
  • The Choi-san Condom Delivery truck that I didn't believe jes6ica about was parked on the corner of Stortorget and Lillatorget last night
  • Why is it you can get condoms delivered in Sweden but not a freakin' pizza?!
  • Driving to Gale's yesterday I passed a woman on the street that I could have SWORN was Linda, the woman that introduced Anders and I. Linda? Are you in town and haven't called us?!
  • It makes me so happy that someone with know-how, motivation, and commitment has offered to help me with the AWC web/newsletter stuff. Thank you, Gale!
  • My stomach just growled rather loudly. Me so hungry!
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Have a great weekend and enjoy your walk!

thank you! I've got 30 minutes down and 60 to go now :)

WE can get a pizza delivered here in Örebro. Not from the pizza butik where we prefer to buy our pizzas, but there IS delivery here up to about 11 p.m.

Pizza delivery here started at a place right across the street from us. A freelance guy and his moped. :) Now several of the pizza places in Gbg deliver. Cool-ade!

Also, bwahahaha about the condom express delivery van! I toldja so!

Pbbbb! :P

There are probably pizza places that deliver in Malmö nowadays too, but there sure ain't nothing out here in the sticks!

Pizza delivery - Well, now you know what type of business you could start if you get sick of the 'normal' rat race! :)

Condom deliveries?!! Wow. Hahahahahahahaha

The one thing I have to wonder about the condom deliveries, if you don't have one and you think you're going to need one, do you have time to wait for the van?

Well I must join in on this reaction: You get condoms delivered!!! Sweden is a VERY different country, isn't it?

But now that I think of it - we do have pharmacies who delivery prescriptions - so maybe they would deliver condoms too. Maybe no one has thought to ask.

LOL! I suspect if it's here in Sweden, it's common practice in other western cities :) Even though, Sweden is very different in some ways, it's not THAT different!

That is a long time to have a baby...
between you and gale_storm I have learned more about SE... they deliver condoms but not pizza- that will make a great trivia question somewhere in my life! Thanks!

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