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  • The majority of my department was back in the office yesterday, where I had only been expecting one or two people. When my boss walked in, I said "Crud! I suppose this means I have to work now!" and when he said "What?" I replied, "Nothing, honey" and then laughed my head off
  • My friend Angie had her baby girl yesterday after waiting since her water broke on TUESDAY, welcome to the world Kaisa Madelaine!
  • The sushi last night with galestorm was SO incredibly good, as was the conversation
  • Buying magnets in Sweden is very expensive
  • I had the best sleep-in this morning
  • I have to go walk for an hour and a half today to make up for busy evenings this week
  • The Choi-san Condom Delivery truck that I didn't believe jes6ica about was parked on the corner of Stortorget and Lillatorget last night
  • Why is it you can get condoms delivered in Sweden but not a freakin' pizza?!
  • Driving to Gale's yesterday I passed a woman on the street that I could have SWORN was Linda, the woman that introduced Anders and I. Linda? Are you in town and haven't called us?!
  • It makes me so happy that someone with know-how, motivation, and commitment has offered to help me with the AWC web/newsletter stuff. Thank you, Gale!
  • My stomach just growled rather loudly. Me so hungry!
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