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Reason #34 Why Not to Have Kids

Because you can't coddle yourself when you're sick and lay in bed all day and have people bring you orange juice, tissues and chicken soup, and you can't sleep as much as you need to, and you can't be alone in a quiet house. Especially when they're sick, too. Although they're on the borderline of being okay to go back to school/daycare and I, on the other hand, am on my DEATHBED.

:) feeling sorry for myself makes me feel a little better. :)
mood: grumpy
music: kids playing with lego in the other room, crash bang


thank you. :) I'm hoping to be better by tomorrow. Seems everyone I know, both IRL and LJ, is sick or has just been sick or is coming down with something. Ah, fall!

I've noticed that everyone is getting sick. Is this a bug mutated to be somehow cyber-ly contagious?? When my mom was sick, my dad got us to "play nurse" to her. We got to wear her lab coat and stethoscope. Of course, we might have bothered her more than helped her now that I think about it...
Hope you get the TLC you need and get better soon!!!!

That is just too cute. My son thinks that my stethoscope is the greatest toy in the world, I bet he would love to "play nurse" like that. *laugh*

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