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This morning, or last night, depending upon how you look at it, was the first time the overabundance of early-morning sunshine has disturbed my sleep. It warmed up a couple of kamikaze flies so much that they decided 4:23 a.m. was the best time to start dive-bombing our heads....bzzzzZZZZZzzzz


After trying unsuccessfully to ignore them, I was forced to get up and POUND THEM INTO FLY PULP with a fly swatter and then suck their deservedly dead corpses up with the dustbuster. SO satisfying.

Unfortunately, the early-morning bed-rage woke me up too much and then the rooster behind us started and it was too light in the room and I couldn't get comfortable again and by the time I fell back asleep it was 8:30 a.m. Anders left at 9 to watch a Porsche racing competition with a friend so I had to get up and deal with the kids. sigh
mood: tired
music: The Pleased—Already Gone


See, you get all that adrenaline going when you pound and if you open your eyes completely, you're lost!

Argh, stupid flies!

Don't you love summer? You are just lucky you don't have a bug catching animal in your house or she would have gone fying through the air on to your head to catch those flies. She is currently chasing some flying insect all over the house. She is really good though, at taking things out of the house that I don't particularly want to touch. Like the frog that was on my bathroom mirror the other night.

a frog? ON? your bathroom mirror? WALL mirror?!

That's what I said.

did you at least get photographic proof?!

No, didn't come to mind at the time.

Flies!!! How I detest them! My husband FREAKS if one gets in the house.

We have a farm right behind our house, so unfortunately all summer long we're battling the hordes. Before I moved into this house I couldn't kill them, hate squashing bugs. NOW, I'm the Fly Swatter Queen of DEATH. :D

:( 4am, the worst time to be awake [in my humble opinion] :(

I sleep with a kerchief or mask around my eyes, to keep that early morning sunshine out.

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