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I just got off the phone with my friend Kelly, who is incredibly lucky to be alive. She flipped her car on the highway last Friday and ended up upside down in the ditch with just scrapes on her arms and cracked ribs. She was talking on her cell phone, and in going to change lanes, realized someone was in her blind spot and swerved to avoid them, losing control of the car. Her husband heard the whole thing. Geez louise.

She says she'll never talk on a cell phone while in the car again, and studies have, in fact, shown that it's not the PHONE itself that is dangerous, it's the conversation. It doesn't matter if you have a handsfree kit in your car, because when you are in the middle of a phone conversation, your mind is elsewhere. At least when you're talking with someone else who is IN the car with you, there is an extra pair of eyes.

Also, last Friday, my friend Annelott found out that one of her 18-year-old students had died in a car crash the evening before, the second fatality among the student population this year. She was driving too fast and lost control. 2 others in the car were seriously hurt.

I've only been in 2 car accidents in my life, and neither one was serious, although both of them could have been.

I spent most of the morning dozing on and off while the kids rampaged, and feel marginally more human. I'm going to go take a shower now and count my blessings.
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Hi, saw a new name on my list of "friend-of" - cool. Ya know, I almost grew up where you live, the kids from Flyinge were in my "parallell-klass". I grew up in (actually just outside) Löberöd, in case you heard of that old dump...! :)

I would never even think about talking on the cell phone while driving. But maybe I just know my limits as a driver more than most -> I suck at driving...! Last Christmas my bloke A almost totalled our car because he insisted on reaching for his ringing phone, and missed a crossing where he should have stopped. It's scary. And in just a second, no a half-second it could all be over. Just *snap* like that. *shudders*

Anyways, nice to meet you! Hope you can take real good care of yourself and your cold, with kids and all.

hi and welcome! I found your name through several of my other new LJ friends. I'm still new to the whole LJ thing. :) And yes, I know of Löberöd, LOL! It's where our vårdcentralen is and where my kids will eventually go to school if they don't get busy building up the full grundskola here in Flyinge.

We were all new at one point - me I'm closing in on my 1 year anniversary, no idea where this year went, but apparently I've been here for a year!

Wow, you have to go all the way to Löberöd to find Vårdcentralen?? Seems very far... I didn't really like the school there when I went there, but I hear it has a good reputation these days.

How weird - there you are, American, ending up so close to the places I used to know...! This world just keeps getting smaller and smaller! :)

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Why is that?

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yea, well we're all Europeans now, right...! ;-P

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Haven't you seen the billboards all over the city? Europe this Europe that... We're ALL europeans now...! And yes, that would include you too. So start practising your British English now...! ;)

Talking on a mobile phone is totally banned in Australia because of safety concerns. It still bothers me to see Lars-Göran talking on his phone when driving (especially in the wilds of Stockholm).

I'm sorry about the bad news. Life is so fragile - it's a very sobering thought isn't it?

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I know, that's all I could think of for several minutes after she told me, was what he must have been going through. They have 2 little girls as well. scary to think things happen so fast.

I would never talk on the phone while driving. You're sitting in a little box made of steel and electrical wires, going at a pace no animals would be able to run at for longer than five seconds, and you're completely surrounded by other little boxes going just as fast. in fact, the only reason why you're not immediately dead is the phenomenon called luck. cell phone in a car while driving? it's never on.

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