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First, I was going to write something about how grey and boring and cruddy the weather is today, but it's not boiling hot and it's not raining and I saw that field of red poppies again and I'm protected from the elements anyway, so never mind.

Second, I don't want to hear anyone at work bitching about anyone else at work. I want my colleagues to start concentrating on the positive side and the good things, and maybe then said good thngs will start to dominate again. Shut up or ship out.

Third, I am SO looking forward to being in the States this summer and seeing my mom and my sister and my relatives and some friends and going to the mall and eating American food and lazing around on my mom's deck, but it does seem a shame to leave Sweden in the summer, especially when it's shaping up to be such a nice one.

Fourth, I'm looking forward to a proposed LJ get-together in Sweden next year assuming that we can decide on a place and time. :)

Fifth, I had sushi for lunch again today. How much is too much? >:D

Sixth, I have a massage this afternoon! Mmmmmmmmm!!!
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