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First, I was going to write something about how grey and boring and cruddy the weather is today, but it's not boiling hot and it's not raining and I saw that field of red poppies again and I'm protected from the elements anyway, so never mind.

Second, I don't want to hear anyone at work bitching about anyone else at work. I want my colleagues to start concentrating on the positive side and the good things, and maybe then said good thngs will start to dominate again. Shut up or ship out.

Third, I am SO looking forward to being in the States this summer and seeing my mom and my sister and my relatives and some friends and going to the mall and eating American food and lazing around on my mom's deck, but it does seem a shame to leave Sweden in the summer, especially when it's shaping up to be such a nice one.

Fourth, I'm looking forward to a proposed LJ get-together in Sweden next year assuming that we can decide on a place and time. :)

Fifth, I had sushi for lunch again today. How much is too much? >:D

Sixth, I have a massage this afternoon! Mmmmmmmmm!!!
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You know what I was thinking, maybe we shouldn't be set on Sweden per se. I was thinking that Copenhagen would be a NICE place for something like that, sort of neutral ground as it were, plus it has that great airport for those flying in from the UK. What do you think?

Copenhagen sounds kinda cool. Are you thinking flying or train?

Do you think Copenhagen would be too expensive, hotel-wise? It just seems since most of us on the invite list (at least so far) are in Sweden, that somewhere here makes the most sense. I'm okay with Stockholm as well, which has the same ease of travel, and we ought to be able to find inexpensive housing...

or do you suppose someone wants to host it? I'm not sure how we'd work that out though.

I don't know about Copenhagen hotels. I do know that when Anders and I were there, we stayed in a little B&B, which tends to be the way I travel anyway. If we go for Stockholm, that would be cool. If we could plan far enough ahead, I know this wonderful hotel in town that cuts rates for the week-end, very central, very comfortable, around 700 SEK a night, but maybe we could negotiate a little bit, I don't know. Or we could provide a list of reasonable places too and let people make their own reservations. I know a hostel that's also VERY comfortable, although a little spartan, that's by Slussen, just across from Gamla Stan, and it's on a boat. Stayed there in April and thought it was very nice for my purposes.

It would be most fun if we were all staying together, that's for sure! :) I've heard about that boat hostel as well.

Or how about something that is kind of halfway between us all in Sweden? Something right in the southern middle somewhere. Hotels have gotta be cheaper than in Sthlm, and most likely less than in Malmö and Göteborg as well.

that's not a bad idea. *ponder* I'll have to get the map out tonight.

Well, there IS always scenic Örebro!

dibs on your balcony, then! :)hahah

I need to find out when my brother and Simone are planning their wedding!

Curious here,
when are you going to the US
and where too?

We're going for the last half of July, first half of August, a month total. We'll primarily be in Michigan, but I'll also be flying to Oregon for a long weekend :)

On the massage note...

We're having a test run of a masseus coming here to work tomorrow, and I'm one of the ones on the massage list. Which is a good thing, but also a nervous thing. I need details to put my mind at ease. Does yours bring her own table? Will it support a very sturdy girl like myself? How's the situation with shirt-removal? Towel? Other?

I'm looking forward to having the ache in my back go away, but I've still got a few Idahoan "never-take-off-your-clothes" issues trying to show themselves. Dag-nabbit it's hard to override hardwired idiocies.

Mine brings a table, which is a little too thin for real comfort, but it works. It has 2 "arms" that attach/detach that I can rest MY arms on. (I prefer to have my arms up, with my hands resting at the sides of my head) The first time I had one, I turned over and was on my back at the end when he massaged my neck, but I've since said that I prefer to stay on my stomach, and he was fine with that. I only remove my shirt and bra, and he puts a towel on my lower back, at my waistline. The table shouldn't be any problem as far as support goes. I've seen much heavier guys than me waiting their turn :)

Your masseuse should leave the room while you undress and get on the table and again when finished before you get up to dress.

Whether you turn over or not depends on what you are having massaged. If you are having your back/neck/shoulders concentrated on, there isn't really any need for you to lie on your back. I have those and my arms done, and stay on my stomach for the whole thing.

If you do choose to turn over, your masseuse should be considerate about making sure that you have a towel to cover yourself and will usually turn away until you're settled again. :)

Don't worry! Relax and enjoy it!! :)

I'm only interested in back/neck/shoulders anyway, so it should be okay. Thanks for the info, I super appreciate it! It'll make it easier to relax. :)

I'm a fat Idahoan that gets naked at the drop of a hat, but hey, at my age, who cares anymore? I'd kill for a good massage right about now. I used to get one twice a month minimum in New Mexico.

Yes, but I grew up in ultra-conservative Mormonville, don't forget that! And I am SO not having any exhibitionist tendencies whatsoever. If I'm in the apartment in a tank top and undies, I usually have to put on shorts to step onto the balcony! I know, I'm a big wuss! I'm a lot better than I used to be, I can tell you that! :)

1 - be happy! It's SWELTERING here. *ughs and feels sticky*

2 - Get a sign or make one that has something about positivity and work. It may help :) (or at least cut you out of the 'bitching' loop.)

3 - I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy an American summer. I've not in AGES. Although, that's not a bad thing really. I certainly couldn't spend a whole month visiting. It would drive me nuts and my family and I would kill each other! *giggle* You have to have some naughty stuff for me too! :) (and post about it, of course!) :) Yay! I'm all excited for you now. :)

4 - Squeeee! I'm so excited about meeting you guys! :) *bounce* I don't mind where it is really. Somewhere near an airport would be ideal. Cost of hotels isn't such a major thing as I don't get to jet off to Sweden often (okay, this is a first!!)!! :) It would be cool to be able to do things together. :) Maybe walk somewhere or go to a museum or bowling or *shrugs* whatever you planning folks are thinking. :) Good food is a MUST! :) *excited hugs*

5 - Sushi?... in your case, no such thing as too much! (You have to eat my share for my lifetime, don'tchaknow?) I reckon when you start to find scales? *giggle*

6 - Massage!!!!! *turns green* Enjoy it, honey! :)

I am, I will, I know, me too! :) *bounce*

I want to go to Sweden!!! and get out of the States! Who wants to switch houses with me for a month? You'd have to take care of all my animals

I can't switch houses, but you could come housesit for us this summer if you want :) July 17-August 16


First - Nice to have some positive thoughts about the negative weather. Cold and rainy here in Germany too.

Second - Nice to have some positive thoughts about the work environment too. ( I seem to remember a not so positive worker a while back)

Third - Nice to have some positive thoughts about visiting Mom and Sarah in the states. Sounds fun, I wish I could be there too. Lounge on the deck with my dog will ya?

Fourth - Summer LJ meeting sounds like a blast. No wedding date set yet. too bad for you.

Fifth - Any Sushi is too much. (although SImone eagerly awaits your visit here, so she can take you to the new and only sushi place here.)

Sixth - Massage??? whats that? please talk to Simone for me.

Seventh - When is your sweden birthday party?

- LizardBro

Set that wedding date!! And tell Simone I'm on my way :D

We are thinking probably August 28th for Sweden birthday bash because we get back on the 17th and the 21st is just too quick after that. It's not definite yet though. I'll talk to Anders again this week so we can nail down a date.

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