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Who stole summer?! It's only June 15th and it might as well be November here in Sweden as far as the weather is concerned. Okay, it's only been 2 days of it, but when it's JUNE even two days feels like a gyp. We're being gypped, I tell you! Heavy, hanging clouds, sagging with moisture, spitty misty rain, and the wind! Geez louise, don't even get me started on the wind.

Yesterday was the first day in 6.5 weeks that I didn't go for a walk when I could have, just because the weather was so shitty and my evil PMS twin Zil said in soothing tones that sitting at the computer and eating popcorn and malted milk balls would be a much better idea. Bitch! I am dragging her ass out tonight and making her sweat.

Karin came home from soccer practice last night and handed me a note from her coach. I looked at it and then pretended to read it aloud. "This says for your last practice next week that you need to wear a dress. A pink one...with ruffles and bows...and princess shoes...and bows in your hair." Her eyes had gotten wide and then scrunched up small while her mouth opened in disbelief and horror and finally she said, "Does it really say that?" "No," I replied, and laughed, "You have to wear a cowboy hat, and skis...and a santa suit." She hit me in the leg.

Not much to do at work this week but blog and surf. That sounds like a nasty wet algae-filled dinner for two with no steak in sight. Mmmm, steak. Add that to my list of must-haves while in the States this summer.

I want an Ugly Doll.

Made Me Laugh My Head Off: The Hardy Men

This, Too: How is one supposed to know anything without google? Brain? I don't have a brain anymore. I deleted the URL to my brain when I discovered google. If someone could e-mail me the link to my brain that would be great. (snipped from

Tangible vs Intangible Benefits: I Wrote Some Stuff & Now I Have a Shop-Vac

My jaw is cracking again. I haven't been able to do that for a couple of years...ever since it started being painful to open my mouth or chew food and I was diagnosed with a dislocated jaw. Dislocated. JAW. Brought on by grinding my teeth every night for nearly 40 years. I ended up with a bite guard that works and now, 2.5 years later I can open my mouth wide and SING, baby, and sometimes when I yawn my jaw cracks. I crack my knuckles, too. In fact, I'm a regular rice krispie girl.

Yesterday, my masseuse pressed really hard and flat and up on my spine and it popped in one place. It felt so good. One of best benefits about hugging someone taller than me, before I put on all this extra weight, was the crackle of my spine as it popped all that extra air out. It's addictive, it is. Another good reason to lose weight. You may think that's a ridiculous reason for wanting to lose weight, but at this point, anything that helps with the motivation works for me.
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You need to check your calendar again. Yesterday and today, it's OUR turn for summer. You'll get it back when we're finished with it.

Pbbb!! Give it back, I say! Can't we share?!

Bitch smitch, twin Zil had the right idea, every now and then it's great to follow that advice. I think a walk 6 times a week is MORE than enough! Don't want anyone to become obsessive now do we... :)

And I'm with you on the addictive back crack when you hug, it's the only reason I wish I was still in a relationship :)

Nice gag with Karin, I love it ;)

The problem is, she (Zil) takes over if I let her.

As for Karin, you should have seen her face, the expression on it was priceless :D

Blimey! When I wrote that 'dislocated snout' thing today I hadn't managed to read this entry of yours. Please accept my humble apologies, I hope you didn't think I was in anyway aping your ailment.

And I also want an Ugly Doll to send mad_elanor, I think she'll love them.

Also, I'm sorry it's not sunny there. It is sunny here, and I'm a bit worried your good weather has got lost and ended up here. You'll have to forgive me, but I can't bring myself to appraise it of its mistake.

*basks in lovely sunshine*

*lol* actually, I hadn't made that connection at all...but now that you you mention it...

How IS mad_elanor these days, have you been able to get together recently? Aren't you moving there or something?

give me back my sunshine, dammit!

*pouts and does a rain-dance aimed at you*

Jake is good, though extremely busy. She has finals this weekend and the company she works for has decided it's about time they threw some more hours her way, as if she didn't have enough already.

She'll be coming here in two weeks time for a week of running around doing stuff. Hopefully your nice weather will stay over the UK until then. :)

I will be moving to the US to be with Jake sometime later this year, depending on when the US Embassy get back to me and arrange an interview. Hopefully they haven't got me confused with that other Andy McGough, the famous illegal weapons trader and farmyard animal worrier, and my good record will get me the visa without any delays.

Those Ugly dolls sure are the spitting image of Rex the Runt. I wonder if they are paying license fees to Aardman...

I know, I thought it looked familiar, too, but they seem to have been developed independently. I'm sure Aardman will be all over them for style infringments if they think otherwise.

I have an Ugly Doll! Ice Bat, he thinks I'm cool. He's very cuddly, too.

*turns green with envy*

You deserved that hit on the leg. And as for the cracking of the back, Jo will say when she gets home. Crack me. So I do and last night it sounded like John Goodman digging into a lobster. She was rather satisfied.:)


also, crack ME!

I know cracking knuckles and backs and other various joints can't be good for you, but it yields such a satisfying feeling!

It doesn't cause arthritis or anything like that, but repeated (or constant!) cracking can cause tissue damage after a long time. Read more here

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