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I'm home today with the kids because Martin's daycare is closed for personnel planning or somesuch. We're going to Lund to eat lunch with the girls I might be singing at the regional with to discuss music options. Tonight is Social Circle and the kids are tagging along to that as well. I'll have to go walk this afternoon. It's run the gamut weather-wise already in just the few hours I've been up, from blinding sunshine and blue skies to cloudy and spitty rain to wind and more sunshine. Maybe the weather is PMS-ing, too. It's certainly got the mood swing part down pat.

Last night I attended a parent meeting for Karin's daycare where we got some information about the new wing they are building and how the kids will be divided up next year and how they are dealing with the fact that the building won't be finished when school starts. Some of the parents who were there were really aggressive and practically attacking the daycare personnel and the rector of the school about everything, much of it stuff they have no control over that is caused by decisions made by the county and the national government.

One woman even went so far as to declare that "most of the parents" were dissatisfied with the daycare and the school, and basically told them they were doing a crappy job. Part of the dissatisfaction is caused by the fact that the groups of kids are so big (there will be 42 kids in Karin's class) and the county allows for only 1 adult per 6 kids.

I plan on writing a letter to the daycare personnel this week to tell them that I think they have been doing a fabulous job considering the tight economic pressure they are under and the tough parameters they have to deal with. I want them to know that I think they are great, that they do a great job, that they have done nothing but make my children happy, stimulated and secure and they've made me feel welcome in every way. I've never had a problem talking to any of them about my children's progress or daily doings and when we have had issues they have been as concerned and ready to remedy things as any parent could wish. They truly have the welfare of our children at heart and do everything in their power to provide the best environment. They really have the children's best interests in mind all the time. I'm not sure they hear it enough, that they really do do a wonderful job. They do such a wonderful job that when we were considering looking for a bigger house, I refused to look outside of Flyinge because I didn't want to take my children out of the Flyinge daycare. I wish they could move up with my children in to the school, and be their teachers there, that's how good I think they are.

I have so many web things to do I don't seem to know where to start. I have the AWC website under control at least, but need to get the HTML pages done for the upcoming issue of Mosaic Minds and I STILL haven't gotten a start on the long, long, WAY overdue update of our family homepage. argh! Mosaic Minds is going to totally ROCK this issue as we've added some major new talent to the staff. :)

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