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Anders informed me that at their work event yesterday evening they had a truffle-tasting. I've never eaten a truffle, to my knowledge, although I've read about them. Apparently, they cost 3000 kronor per kilo when they're in season. Urk. And the Tetra Pak employees in my husband's department were shoveling them down...I want to work for Tetra Pak where it seems the money is flowing. Anders' description of them was short and to the point. When asked what they looked like, he responded "sheepshit," and when asked how they tasted, I got the same response. Then he backpedaled and said no, not really, but they were awfully hard to describe.

Googling gives lots of hits on "the taste of truffles." A quick perusal netted me descriptions including exotic, sensuous, rich, intoxicating, creamy, velvety and faintly garlic. The look of them is compared on one page to shrunken brains. *ick*

My kids were angels yesterday. Surprisingly, I don't think they were replaced by pod people at some point during the night. I think that they really ARE that well-behaved in public. I took them with me to lunch in Lund to meet up with the other regional meeting singers, and they sat quietly at the table, waited with patience, ate their entire lunch of salmon and potatoes, didn't nag for ice cream, played happily by the fountain when we moved outside, and didn't fuss about going to the grocery store before heading home. After a couple of hours of hanging out at home, we headed to Susan's for Social Circle, where there was a large crowd of fun and interesting people to talk to, and where, again, my children behaved exceptionally well, playing outside, watching a children's program, eating the dinner provided with no fussing and not giving me any lip when I finally said it was time to head home at 9 p.m. despite the fact that it was as light out as if it were afternoon. On the way home, in the car, I thanked them for their good behavior all day :)

Only 3 more days to the longest day of the year. Last night, after turning out the light at midnight, I asked Anders if there was a full moon, but no, it was just not DARK yet. Right after we went to bed, we heard Martin get up, go to the bathroom and then head into the living room where he plopped himself in the big chair. Anders went out to see what was the matter, and it turned out that Martin thought it was MORNING. This, despite a dark shade in his room!

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