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Saving Up For
  • new digital camera
  • new kitchen table and chairs
  • dining room chandelier, preferably stained glass
  • visit to my brother and Simone
  • putting the fish tank back in action

  • new watch
  • art table with storage
  • everything on my book, movie and CD lists
  • antique rolltop desk
  • antique Swedish painted brudkista
  • MY stained glass windows in my mom's house if she ever moves
  • a really big trampoline for my inner child the kids
  • a siberian cat
  • Moorcroft pottery

Continuing the Trend
  • write more poetry
  • sing more songs
  • listen to more music
  • see more movies
  • cut back the crazy schedule

To Do Before I Die
  • travel to Scotland, Australia, Prague, St. Petersberg, Vancouver
  • travel back to Norway, Switzerland, Bavaria, Holland
  • get more motivation for actual gardening and stop just thinking about it
  • chronicle my mom's family stories
mood: contemplative
music: Kanye West—I'll Fly Away


Good idea, those lists. I think I need to do them as well, especially the last one, since I'm (hopefully) so much closer to dying than you anyway.

I hope we're both far away from it, myself. :P

Yeah, I'm not precisely ready to turn in my key and check out myself.

I've seen chandeliers with colored crystals but never a stained glass one. Sounds pretty!

*lol* I guess I was using chandelier in the sense of hanging lamp, I should have been more specific!

Wow, great lists!! I think I might copy, if I may, they're great :)

you want to save up to visit my brother and Simone? :D

Sure do :)


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