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Why do people insist on trying to make things perfect? Why can't they realize that aspiring to perfection is just a way to make youself (and others) crazy? Why can't people just let good enough be good enough?! argh
mood: aggravated
music: Martin's computer game


Dare we even ask?

Yes. Now you have to tell us, Liz. Getting it off your chest will help you feel better!

It's the organizer for the regional. Things are already booked and finished but she doesn't think they are good enough and wants to keep looking. It's TWO MONTHS away!! :( argh!

It's the regional planning :( argh

Obviously, this is done just to aggravate you, mission accomplished!

You don't have to stress over perfection, your English is already becoming Swinglish! And at least Americans can't be less than perfect, because the pressure starts before you're out of the womb to be learning and excelling.

Swenglish is the only way to speak! Yesterday, Martin and I goosied in the bed :) and I told Karin I would wink goodbye to her. sigh

You sweet dear... Ignore whoever, whatever it was and treat yourself like a goddess today!

does sleeping in, surfing the web and not taking a shower count?! :D

you bet! Yahoo!!

My mom would like to scream this at all the Bridezillas she has to humor as a seamstress at David's Bridal. Some people come back 4 or 5 times because they are never satisfied with alterations and frankly never will be. Sometimes they'll say stuff like "Well, we're never going to buy from David's Bridal again" and she'll silently think "Is that a promise?"

LOL! Your poor mom! That's a job I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

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