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I dislike using my journal for listing what I've accomplished during the day unless it's something out of the ordinary. I have no doubt that no one is interested in reading the list of household chores I blew through this morning. This weekend has been incredibly mellow, and I slept in like a slug this morning, after staying up way too late last night. I was supposed to have edited the rest of the pictures for our family web page update but that project seems to be going really slowly. I did, at least finish up the HTML pages for Mosaic Minds and can with confidence say that this is going to be a super issue! The AWC website and newsletter are both under control as well, so things feel pretty good as far as my web projects go.

Heading to the in-laws for dinner tonight. For a change, I'll do my power-walking in Oxie.

I'm in the middle of Alice Walker's Temple of My Familiar and while I can't really say I'm enjoying it, it's rather soothing and hypnotic in a way. I was reminded by boxofdelights of The Phantom Tollbooth, one of my all-time favorite children's books, so I'm going to take that with me to re-read tonight. :)

Anders leaves tomorrow for Italy for 3 days and it's a crazy week ahead since there is something scheduled nearly every night. Karin's last soccer practice is tomorrow evening, Tuesday I'm meeting with the Regional Singers to get started on practice and Wednesday is a board meeting. This upcoming weekend is midsummer, a huge holiday here in Sweden.

I hope everyone else is having a relaxed and productive weekend as well. :)
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You're gonna read a book while you're at your in-laws for dinner?? :D

afterwards :) it's that or watch TV or kid videos.

Ah, that makes sense :)

I LOVE the Panthom Tollbooth- I like the guy who is the shortest tall man, tallest short man, fattest thin man and thinnest fat man.

That, and The Pushcart War were huge faves of mine :)

I don't know Pushcart War- but now I'll have to find it!

I have a little notebook where I just keep lists of things I did every day. It makes me feel more productive when I can actually see everything there. Sometimes I will put in really basic things like "Took Shower" or "Brushed Teeth" if I didn't do much :)

Hee! that's a great idea! Do you really fill it out every day?

Basically every day. I usually do it before going to bed. I'll also put lists of stuff to do in there and have fun crossing items off :)

Is that supposed to be a smart ass comment? I'm glad that you decided not to list all the things you've accomplished because I also accomplished some things but I'm sure it's no where near your list and that would just depress me. So, we can all just say we were very productive this weekend like good homo sapiens. Do you remember always watching Wimbeldon this time of year? I loved it because it started early in the morning. And of course, true to stereotype, I adored Martina.

Martina is still playing?! I thought she retired. Isn't there an age limit on tennis? :P

And no, it wasn't a smart ass comment. :) It was all things like watering plants and vacuuming and emptying the dishwasher, but since it was after sleeping in until nearly 11, I figured it wasn't worth crowing about. :D

Yea, Martina won her first match, so there is no age limit. I can't believe you got to sleep in until 11! I can't anymore because Max gets up at 7 am, every morning. The most I can stretch it to is 8. But it makes it so I get more time to do stuff before I go to work.

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