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The worst thing about having my hard drive reinstalled is backing up all of my million fonts and non-standard programs and reinstalling them all again, and getting all the menus set up to my specifications, only to discover that, once again, I forgot to save the joboption files for Acrobat. sigh

Karin and I power-walked for half an hour in Oxie yesterday. Oxie was planned with a gazillion little paths and wandering ways that wind around the residential areas, through greens and parks and shady groves. We saw several rabbits out grazing in the early evening sunshine, who didn't seem at all bothered by their proximity to humans.

After a delicious dinner of pan-fried lemon-peppered salmon with new potatoes, broccoli and steamed baby yellow carrots, we walked up to the pond to feed the ducks, which is an after-dinner ritual at the in-laws. Each kid had a plastic bag with a few bread heels and bits of knäckebröd. Märta usually gives them a little extra since invariably some of it is eaten before we reach the pond. The mallards were out in force and vying with each other to snatch up the rain of bread from the wooden covered gazebo bridge that crosses the waist of the pond. No baby ducks though, and Märta said she hasn't seen any this year.

In addition to the jackdaws who love to crash a party whenever they get a chance, there were several aggressive seagulls with brown heads, red beaks and cartoon-character eyes. The black tips of their wing feathers crossed in an X when they were sitting on the water among the mallards, which wasn't often as they were mostly flying around like maniacs, dive-bombing the ducks and snatching breadcrumbs out of midair. They were Black-headed Gulls, quite the characters.

We were particularly interested in a solitary bird who flew in great swooping circles, also snatching bread in mid-air, but even diving right underwater from high heights to pluck it from under the beaks of the ducks. At first we thought he was one of the gulls, but he kept hovering in front of us, like an overgrown white hummingbird, before he would stoop and dive again. His tail feathers were spread out like a fan, and even though he had a similar red beak, the black on his head was a striped cap instead of a complete bonnet like the gulls. He was literally within arms-reach several times and seemed to be anticipating when the kids would cock an arm to toss bread. We looked him up too, when we got home. This is what a Caspian Tern looks like in hoverbird mode.
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OK, leaving a post! The gulls and the terns that you have there are much prettier than the plain white gulls here. I'd still like to know why there are "sea"gulls in Toronto. Sure there's a lake, but no "sea"!


Aargh, I can't believe you gave up on the stand off!! We AGREED that we wouldn't post any comments to Liz's posts, all of us, in that meeting, and you gave in!!!

Kirsty is right! We agreed that it was your tern to miss out on comments.

I can't believe I was so gullible as to fall for that! :D

Wren are you going to learn??!!

I don't know feather or not I ever will!

Neither do I beakause you're so thick!!

Better thick than a LOON!


What the f. is a loon?? :) You're nuts.

THIS is a LOON! :)


Re: THIS is a LOON! :)

Oh!! It's lovely! Happy midsommar!

Dayum! There must have been some telepathic interference over the Atlantic or Pacific or something. I'll blame it on my ADD ... um ... I forgot! Heh!

So sorry I missed this post! (FROM KATE)

Hey there Liz, you know the way to my heart is on the wings of a bird, so next time you post about birds you better let me know ASAP--I don't check blogs every day, otherwise I would have said,

"I have never seen a Caspian Tern but they look beautiful--there are Least Terns on the beaches near me, tiny little terns that crap on your head if you get too close to their nesting area. Just so you know. So don't play frisbee near them if you can help it, or try to take pictures of them with your new camera lens."

I'm happy that you got over your bad day yesterday. I love you! Don't forget it.


Re: So sorry I missed this post! (FROM KATE)

I knew it was from you :) :) :) XOXO!

It is kind of interesting how we get our emotions tied up in things like whether we get comments on a post.
For me it usually only happens on an off day, or a lonely or boring one.
Sometimes it can kind of make my day. Other times I must remind myself to not take it personally that there were none. But I can almost always count on you to comment(Thanks!!)
Sorry I've been too busy to respond as much as I like to. We must keep those inner children happy!

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