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Things That Made Me Happy Yesterday:
  • having a shitty morning turned around by validation and adoration from my peeps even if I did have to practically lie down and expose my belly for it
  • a busy day at work
  • the kids behaving well and doing what I needed them to do all evening
  • singing with Debbie and Sharon
  • watching my kids out the window while singing, as they jumped and tumbled together on the big trampoline
  • seeing the look on Karin's face as Debbie's daughter Maria wrapped her arms around her and bounced them together
  • late-evening sunshine after a cruddy weather week
There are 4 of us that are going to sing together as entertainment at the Welcome Reception during the Regional Meeting the AWC is hosting in September. Wendy hasn't met with us yet, but she assures us she is committed. Sharon and Debbie and I got together at Debbie's yesterday evening and started practice. We blew through 4 songs and started a 5th before it got too late, and we scheduled 2 more practices (with Wendy) for before I leave for the States. We plan on practicing at least 3x after I return as well.

We're mostly sticking with rounds and canons and I realized that a good introduction for our program would be to say rounds and canons take people working together to produce something beautiful, much like the clubs in FAWCO itself.* So far, the lineup consists of 2 songs that Debbie and I have sung with choir, Lyckan är Gul and Vår Dudileja, 3 campfire rounds: 1 Bottle of Pop, Coffee, and Let Us Sing Together; and a song that I sang in junior high choir called Love is a Song. Wendy may add a song or two to the program as well, but we don't want to do more than 6-7 songs at the most. 1 Bottle of Pop will be good for getting the audience involved; it's a hoot to sing.

Recent Swenglish:
1) Telling Martin I would come in a minute and goosey** in the bed with him.
2) Telling Karin that I would wink** at her on the way out.

Good Writing Out There Right Now: Weighty Issues

More Good Writing Out There Right Now: Letter to the Editor via tyrantmouth

*Although this could be spreading it on a little thick.
**gosa = cuddle, snuggle; vinka = wave
mood: happy
music: Los Lobos with Tom Waits & Martha Gonzalez—Kitate


*gooseys your exposed belly*



The Weighty Issues post was brilliantly written. Thanks for the pointer, Liz. :)

I just edited to add another excellent article/letter. Go read it, too! :)

Wow! Very good letter.

I just feel sad that there's any necessity in our world to write such letters. People f-ing piss me off! Go (whoever's) mom, though! :)

also, I can't believe you've given up on my famous person!

I didn't give up. I got it! :P It's there. *thbbbbt*

there? where? *looks wildly around*

it's good to read someone listing things that've made them happy in their day, rather than lists of hates and irritations. i think we should all look for the sun in our days (although it's not always easy to do), and so few people do (especially in LJland full of angsty pseudo-psychotic teenagers)

I know :) That's why I felt it necessary to balance things after yesterday's grumpy post.

Yer great, Liz. I loves ya!

right back at'cha! :)

Loved the Weighty Issues. Wonderful read!

Glad to hear that things looked up. It's always a bummer to start the day on a low. I had one of those yesterday. My brain was totally empty, my mind devoid of content. I found it a strain just to think through the simplest tasks. I looked down at my shoes and I actually had to pause and try to recall how exactly one ties shoelaces.

The day, needless to say, was a total wash-out. I spent most of the time just staring, blankly. Mostly at the clouds.

Poor thing! At least clouds are soothing. I hope that today is going better, anyway.

I love your Happy lists! go girl......
and thanks for the weighty issues.

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