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The sun was apparently mourning England's loss to Portugal yesterday as it never again showed its face after a brief peek in the morning. Nevertheless, we managed to have a fun midsommar celebration despite NO maypole, NO dancing, NO flower-picking and RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN.

Today, the skies are high and white but not (yet) wet. We have no real plans although we have plenty to do. Anders is putting together the playhouse frame out in the backyard and I have web work and housecleaning to do. Karin and I have to go drive around and deliver her birthday party invitations. She is having a backwards-party. That means the kids will get their candy bags first, then eat cake, then hotdogs, then play games...I wonder if that means Karin will have to wait to open her presents til last since normally they get ripped open as the guests walk in the door and hand them over. :P

We went to Plan B last night at the midsummer party, thankfully, which entailed ditching the cottage by the sea idea and recamping to Lars & Kristina's house. This meant LOTS of room for 8 kids under 8 to run around and LOTS of toys for them to play with, plus a covered porch, none of which we would have had out at the cottage. Our hosts have a guinea pig couple who had 3 babies 3 weeks ago and we were under great pressure to adopt at least one of the precious little black and white rodents. Anders and I cast frightened, determined and panicky glances at each other after each attack hint, and pretended to misunderstand the innuendos. At the end of the evening, Kristina asked me which one I thought was the cutest, but then made the mistake of adding "...so we know which one to bring to your birthday party in August." So I disinvited her on the spot. :D

We ordered a digital camera online yesterday morning. From a place called Abe's of Maine. Sounds like a used car dealership, doesn't it? Anders swears they're legit. It's a Nikon Coolpix 3200 and will be at my mom's place when we arrive. This means we have no digital camera for the 4th of July party or Karin's 5th birthday and must take pictures with the antediluvian non-digital camera.

Excellent editorial denouncing Michael Moore: Unfairenheit 9/11: The Lies of Michael Moore

Two shows I want tickets to, except they're not here in Sweden, so I'd need plane tickets, too: Blue Man Group, Umbilical Brothers

Weebl & Bob take on IKEA: Pikea, Pikea 2, Pikea 3
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