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There is probably a chance that I could write a journal entry without talking about what the sun is doing...then again, maybe not. It's out, but the sky is white. Yesterday it spit drizzle all day long, today it's at least dry. Anders is working on the roof for the playhouse and Martin's girlfriend Ebba is here for the afternoon. I've been tied to the computer all day because of the AWC website. I had everything under control and nearly ready to go, and last night I got an email with SEVEN new activities to add. They just make me envious because they are all fun things going on while we are gone in the States.

I'm in the middle of reading Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton for book group this week. I can see why it caused such a sensation when it came out, and I'm ashamed to say I know little of the history of South Africa. I know the events and names that made the big headlines but I was never interested enough to read in-depth about what was going on there or what had happened in the past. Many of the members of our club come from South Africa and one of them is very active in the book group (she picked the book) so it should make for an interesting discussion.

This 3-day weekend has been lovely, very relaxing, despite all the web work I've been doing. This next week is a crazy one, though: work party on Tuesday, singing practice on Wednesday, book group on Thursday, movie on Friday (Anders and the kids are going on an overnight camping trip) and the big annual 4th of July party next weekend! Oy!

I'm going for my walk now to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

Still to do: finish the AWC site, finish the AWC newsletter, design birthday party invitations (my own), work on Ek Family website update, clean kid's department, fix dinner, bathe kids.
mood: busy
music: the electric saw in the garage and the kids playing in the backyard


The weather is really weird here in Stockholm. It's super humid and if you sit still, you get chilled. If you're walking, you immediately start sweating. Nasty, nasty. Although it's not raining so I guess that's nice.

You're Swedish now! Of course you can't write an entry without talking about the weather!

No, I'm not! I can, too! Yes, I can! I can! No, really!

I hope you enjoyed your walk. I just got back from shopping and I bought a bunch of books. Yea. :) None of them were about South Africa. I would imagine that a book group would kind of force you to read stuff you normally wouldn't pick up.

My walk was wonderful! The sun was shining and the temperature was JUST right. :) Perfect :)

I wasn't too sure about joining book group in the beginning because I was afraid that I would hate all the books, but I've only hated some of them. This one, Cry the Beloved Country, was excellent, very thought-provoking and moving.

Honestly, I like hearing about what the sun is doing half way around the world from me.

How did you find your book group? It sounds like an interesting thing to do, read and discuss. How are the books picked and how long to read them?

So, you'll be in the states for your birthday?

;) oh good, because I don't think I can stop mentioning it. :)

The bookgroup is through the American Women's Club. We have a really great, dedicated group of interesting people, and always have good discussions. We used to suggest books and vote on them, but this year we decided that each person would suggest 1 book and it would get read (someone complained that her book never got voted in :) and so far it's worked just as well.

We do a mix of fiction/non-fiction and have had a couple of theme nights. One was "the oppression of women in 3rd world countries" and we had 3 different books we could read. The last one was classic fairytales.

Yep, right smack in the middle of my vacation. The only thing is, I'll be gone the weekend that is closest to it, in Oregon with my old junior high girlfriends :) And the weekend after is when we come back to Sweden. I'm throwing a birthday bash in Sweden after we return.

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