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There is probably a chance that I could write a journal entry without talking about what the sun is doing...then again, maybe not. It's out, but the sky is white. Yesterday it spit drizzle all day long, today it's at least dry. Anders is working on the roof for the playhouse and Martin's girlfriend Ebba is here for the afternoon. I've been tied to the computer all day because of the AWC website. I had everything under control and nearly ready to go, and last night I got an email with SEVEN new activities to add. They just make me envious because they are all fun things going on while we are gone in the States.

I'm in the middle of reading Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton for book group this week. I can see why it caused such a sensation when it came out, and I'm ashamed to say I know little of the history of South Africa. I know the events and names that made the big headlines but I was never interested enough to read in-depth about what was going on there or what had happened in the past. Many of the members of our club come from South Africa and one of them is very active in the book group (she picked the book) so it should make for an interesting discussion.

This 3-day weekend has been lovely, very relaxing, despite all the web work I've been doing. This next week is a crazy one, though: work party on Tuesday, singing practice on Wednesday, book group on Thursday, movie on Friday (Anders and the kids are going on an overnight camping trip) and the big annual 4th of July party next weekend! Oy!

I'm going for my walk now to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

Still to do: finish the AWC site, finish the AWC newsletter, design birthday party invitations (my own), work on Ek Family website update, clean kid's department, fix dinner, bathe kids.


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